Quarterfinal Feature Match: Patrick Mello vs. Daniel Zink

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By Peer Kröger and Kim Eikefet

In the quarterfinals, Patrick Mello faced 16-year-old Daniel Zink. Patrick played a mono-blue Control-Deck based on Opposition and Static Orb, the so-called Orbosition Deck. His opponent played Counter Rebels with Meddling Mages in the main deck.

Game 1

Patrick Mello won the die roll and got to start, but Daniel had the better draw. He played a turn two Meddling Mage calling Static Orb, the most dangerous card for his deck. "I was unable to counter the Mage, and I had two copies of Static Orb in my hand," Patrick says. "Luckily I had a Looter so that I could cycle then, but I drew the third one as well."

Daniel eventually got a rebel engine going by forcing through a Lin Sivvi. Patrick tried to stop it with a Temporal Adept, but without his combo, he had a very difficult job. He eventually got out three Thieving Magpies, but Daniel had a Ramosian Sky Marshall attacking every turn. "He was also able to Disenchant my Oppositions. I played two, and he Disenchanted them both. Then I had no way to stop the Marshall from killing me eventually," Patrick explains.

Mello 0 - Zink 1

Game 2

Patrick had several options after the first duel. "I could sideboard out my whole combo, leaving his Disenchants useless, or I could sideboard out the Oppositions only. The Oppositions are pretty weak against his deck, he will just have a lot of creatures and lands, and I can't tap them all," Patrick explains.

While Daniel sided in a few Disrupts and Gainsays, Patrick chose to sideboard out the whole combo, one Thwart and three Glacial Walls for six pingers, two Repulse, two Temporal Adepts and two Gainsay. His plan was to start, perhaps counter a second turn Meddling Mage, and then get some early pressure going, using the pingers to stop the rebels.

"It didn't work out that well," Patrick sighs. He got out an early Temporal Adept, but Daniel got out a second turn Meddling Mage calling Thieving Magpie. Daniel also summoned a third turn Lin Sivvi. Facing the rebel legend, Patrick had to try and race, so he bounced Lin Sivvi during his main phases. He was slightly mana screwed though, and stalled on three lands while Daniel drew lands enough to play more spells. "I was in a losing battle. Later on, I got a pinger out, but it was already too late," Patrick says.

Mello 0 - Zink 1

Game 3

The third game looked a little better for Patrick. For the first time of the match, he can counter a turn two Meddling mage. He also Repulsed a Ramosian Sergeant. However, Daniel kept playing threats. He got out a Meddling Mage, calling Thieving Magpie, and then he re-cast the Ramosian Sergeant. Patrick got out a Prodigal Sorcerer, but he was too late to be able to stop the Sergeant from searching for a Lieutenant that eventually got a Lin Sivvi into play. Patrick cast a Temporal Adept, but he just couldn't win the race.

Final Result: Patrick Mello 0 - Daniel Zink 3

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