Quarterfinal Feature Match: Ryan Fuller vs. Dave Williams

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By Mark Wraith

Dave Williams

The trip has certainly been worth it for these top players as they both made top 8. Ryan needed to go five wins and a draw on the second day, and this is exactly what he has done. Dave Williams made it in slightly more comfortably since he won his first four matches on the second day to streak to a 10-1 record, and then intentionally drew in the last round.

Game 1

The match was played in a cordial atmosphere between these two friends, and they certainly took their time shuffling up. Ryan only had a one-land hand and had to take a mulligan, but it seemed Dave Williams' draw wasn't so hot either - perhaps he should have taken a mulligan.

He got to three land but didn't have anything he could cast, and had to wait until the fourth turn before playing a Nightscape Familiar. Ryan didn't do anything so Dave played a Skizzik with kicker, and attacked - Fuller removed it with Spite/Malice.

Ryan also countered a Void with an Absorb before using Lobotomy. Williams had two Crypt Angels in hand which are great cards in this match-up, so he removed them, and this showed that Dave also had Void, Blazing Specter, a Ghitu Fire, and a Flametongue Kavu in his hand.

The American took advantage of the fact that Ryan was tapped out to cast Void, choosing three and hoping to strip Ryan's hand of Counterspells. Fuller didn't have anything costing three in hand, though, just Teferi's Moat, Rout, Fact or Fiction, and Galina's Knight.

Dave played his Blazing Specter next turn, but Ryan played Fact or Fiction to negate the discard, and then used Rout to kill the flyer and the Familiar. Dave played two Shivan Zombies but these were halted by Teferi's Moat, and Ryan summoned a Galina's Knight.

All Dave had was a Ravenous Rat, and his hand of Shivan Zombie, Flametongue Kavu, Ghitu Fire wasn't of any use either. Ryan Lobotomized Dave and Williams didn't use his Ghitu Fire in response as an instant. With Dave having nothing in hand, Ryan felt confident enough to play Dromar, and as Dave didn't topdeck anything to save him in the next two turns, it was on to the second game.

Fuller 1 - Williams 0

Game 2

The players - especially Ryan - take a long time to decide what to sideboard as a lot depends on what creatures the Canadian is playing, how many Dromars in particular. Dave's draw was certainly better this time than in the first game, and Fuller did not mulligan although I couldn't see his hand.

Ryan Fuller

Williams started out on the second turn with a Ravenous Rats, forcing Ryan to discard Crusading Knight, but Fuller had a pair of Galina's Knights to play, and cast Lobotomy as well. Once again it took Crypt Angel out of Dave's hand but his remaining cards in hand were rather better than in the first game, and he was able to play a Thunderscape Battlemage to put Ryan down to one card in hand.

Fuller kept Yawgmoth's Agenda in hand, drew and played a land. Now Dave had to decide whether or not to cast Void. He did and it used it to kill Ryan's two Galina's Knights, his own Ravenous Rats and Nightscape Familiar, just to get in some hits with Thunderscape Battlemage.

Ryan's next draw was pretty good, a Fact or Fiction, and he opted to cast that rather than the Yawgmoth's Agenda. It gave him Dromar's Charm and Crusading Knight, and he played his Agenda on the next turn.

Dave seemed pretty downcast since it was highly unlikely that he could beat the Agenda from this position. He cast another Thunderscape Battlemage but this didn't affect Ryan since he could cast the Crusading Knight out of his graveyard with Absorb back-up.

Fuller then played the second one that was in his hand and Dave used the opportunity to remove the first one with Ghitu Fire. He didn't have a way to deal with the second one, though, and had to watch on as Ryan cast multiple Fact or Fictions from his graveyard, and Lobotomized him as well.

Since Dave couldn't possibly deal with Crusading Knight when Ryan had a Counterspell in hand, he had to concede a few turns later.

Final Result: Ryan Fuller defeats Dave Williams 2 - 0

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