Quarterfinal Feature Match: Ryan Fuller vs. Eisaku Itadani

Posted in Event Coverage on December 16, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

by Jamielynn

One of this year's Invitational players and regular on the Pro Tour met up against Japan's Eisaku Itadani in the Quarter Finals. Itadani, who has been on the Pro Tour, was playing the same Tradewind Survival deck as Ryan Fuller.

Game 1

Game one Fuller started with Birds of Paradise and Itadani followed with a Quirion Ranger. Turn two Fuller Vampiric Tutored for Survival of the Fittest, when he tried to play it he had it Force of Willed by Itadani. Itadani then attacked with Quirion Ranger and played Granger Guildmage. Fuller laid a Wall of Roots and Wood Elves. Itadani had no red mana for the Granger Guildmage and Fuller got to keep his Birds of Paradise a while longer. Fuller went on to play the Monk Idealist and retrieved Survival of the Fittest from his graveyard. Fuller judged Itadani's reaction to this and decided to play Survival of the Fittest cold. Itadani has a very good poker face, he Mana Leaked it and the momentum swung to his favour.

Itadani played a Birds of Paradise that gave him the red mana for the Granger Guildmage's ability. Next turn he played Tradewind Rider and destroyed Fuller's Birds of Paradise with his Granger Guildmage. Fuller only drew land as the Tradewind Rider lock came into play. Itadani then killed Ryan's Wood Elves, Tradewind Ridered his Bayou, and played an Uktabi Orangatang. Fuller played an Academy Rector, only to have it Tradewind Ridered back to hand. Itadani played Merfolk Looter and then Tradewind Ridered Fuller's City of Brass. Fuller next had his Duress Mana Leaked. He paid the mana and saw that Itadani had a handfull of Land. Itadani then Granger Guildmaged Ryan's Birds of Paradise and played Survival of the Fittest. Itadani's Tradewind Rider lock was slipping. Fuller took advantage of this slip and played Academy Rector, that destroyed Survival of the Fittest, and attacked with the Monk Realist. Itadani Tradewind Ridered the Survival of the Fittest and blocked the Monk Realist with Uktabi Orangatang. Fuller then played Deranged Hermit. The game dragged on a while and when Itadani used Gilded Drake to get the Tradewind Rider Fuller had played, it was over. Fuller with no hope played Recurring Nightmare only to have it Force of Willed. At that point Fuller conceded and they moved onto game two.

Game 2

Fuller started again with Birds of Paradise and followed up with Quirion Ranger and Duress turn two. Fuller took Counterspell and Itadani went on to play Wall of Roots and Quirion Ranger. Fuller then played Masticore. Itadani casted Tradewind Rider, then had Fuller cast Boneshreader that destroyed it. He then used Masticore to destroy his Quirion Ranger and attacked putting Itadani at 11 and Fuller at 20. Itadani discarded Merfolk Looter for Gilded Drake which was Pyroblasted by Fuller. Fuller destroyed Itadani's Wall of Roots with Masticore and attacked. With no way out Itadani conceded.

Game 3

Itadani played, first turn he dropped a Granger Guildmage and another on his fourth turn. Fuller had his Seal of Cleansing Emerald Charmed. He then played Survival of the Fittest and Monk Realist which was Forced of Willed which in turn was Pyroblasted. Itadani drew his second land turn five and played Wall of Roots. Itadani Emerald Charmed Fuller's Survival of the Fittest and in response he discarded Tradewind Rider for Academy Rector. Itadani Land Granted and got his third land.

Fuller then played Academy Rector. Using the Phyrexian Tower he sacrificed the Academy Rector and retrieved Recurring Nightmare from his graveyard. He then sacrificed the Monk Realist to Recurring Nightmare to retrieve Tradewind Rider. He then played Recurring Nightmare again and sacrificed Tradewind Rider to it for the Monk Idealist which returned Survival of the Fittest to his hand. He continued to play Wall of Roots, Survival of the Fittest and sacrificed Seal of Cleansing to destroy Itadani's Survival of the Fittest. In response Itadani discarded Tradewind Rider for Squee and in turn Squee for Masticore. After he played Masticore Fuller took it with Gilded Drake. Fuller played Recurring Nightmare yet again and sacrificed the Monk Realist for Tradewind Rider. He then discarded Squee to Survival of the Fittest for Wall of Roots. Itadani attacked with Gilded Drake and Land Granted. Fuller then went off with a number of creatures and Itadani scooped.

2-1 Ryan Fuller

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