Quarterfinal Feature Match: Ryan Fuller vs. Kristian Kockott

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By Mark Wraith

Game 1

Both players were satisfied with their initial draws. Ryan revealed his deck type almost straight away as he played Mountain, Swamp, and Ravenous Rats. Kristian had a pretty good start himself though, playing out Meddling Mage, and banning Magma Burst, which the Canadian did indeed have in his deck.

Ryan summoned a Slingshot Goblin, which could be described as pretty good in this situation, and said "Meddling Mages", as he did so - referring to what the Goblin would be doing soon.

He had a change of plan though, as Kockott played a Samite Archer as well which seemed strange at the time, and Fuller decided to remove this instead, and summon a Hooded Kavu.

The reason for Kristian's play was shown when he cast Strength of Unity on his Mage, making it into a 5/5, and attacking once more. Fuller made him discard his hand of Nomadic Elf, Alpha Kavu, and Mirrorwood Treefolk with a Bog Down.

On Kristian's turn he attacked, and then tapped four land. "You didn't just draw that did you?" joked Fuller, since the German didn't have any cards in hand before the start of his turn. , The Questing Phelddagrif that he top-decked looked like it might cause Ryan a few problems.

Ryan had some top-decking of his own to show, as he cast Scorching Lava on the Phelddagrif and used his Slingshot Goblin on it. Nevertheless the Mage attacked once more, now with Mourning on it, and brought Ryan to seven. Kockott also cast a Voice of All with protection from Blue.

This was a duel all about top-decks, Kristian had peeled the Voice, but Ryan peeled Spite/Malice to kill it, and his creatures came across to put Kristian on four. Kockott didn't have an answer to the Hooded Kavu now, and held back with the Mage, Probing without kicker to try and find one.

Angelic Shield was only a measure that could prolong the game for one turn though, and Kristian had to concede the first game.

Game 2

Kristian had to mulligan his hand, and Ryan had a great hand except for the fact he had one swamp as his only land - he mulliganed as well.

It quickly turned out that the German's hand was still no good. He played a Forest on the first turn, but nothing on his second turn, and Ryan played a Ravenous Rat. Forming a little combo with the Rat was the Lava Zombie he summoned on his third turn.

Kristian managed to get a second and third land in play, casting Fertile Ground and Mirrorwood Treefolk after the first hit from Lava Runner.

A couple more Ravenous Rats were played by Fuller and they caught Samite Pilgrim and an Alpha Kavu. Kockott continued to recover, casting a Serpentine Kavu. The Canadian then went on the offensive as his opponent attacked with his Treefolk - enchanting a Ravenous Rat with Sinister Strength, Ryan attacked with all his creatures.

Kristian just blocked the 1/1 Ravenous Rat, and took nine damage going down to six. Fuller had an Ancient Kavu, and now he could think about attacking again. A Meddling Mage for Spite/Malice wasn't enough to stop him as it was removed with Scorching Lava. His Treefolk was weakened by Mourning, attacking with Lava Zombie and the 4/2 Rats. Only Serpentine Kavu blocked, trading with the Zombie, and Kockott was on one life.

His Crimson Acolyte next turn was not enough, and he had to chump-block with it to survive a further turn. This turn gave him Obsidian Acolyte, which was enough to save him, at least from what was on the board, and nothing was cast for a couple of turns, with the German sitting precariously on one life.

Finally Ryan drew something that would win him the game - Maniacal Rage. He could cast it on one of Kristian's blockers, and then attack with his two men for the win. Kockott now finally killed the Sinister Strength by giving the Ravenous Rats protection from Black, and dropped Angelic Shield.

Now Ryan couldn't even try to win with the Maniacal Rage plan, but Kockott only source of white mana was a Forest with Fertile Ground on it. So when Fuller drew Spite/Malice, Kristian was unable to save the Treefolk with the Acolyte, as he had no use for Green mana and would then mana burn to death.

He used Angelic Shield to bounce the attacking Ancient Kavu, and Excluded it when Ryan recast it. Next turn he didn't have an answer for the Canadian's Crypt Angel, and had to concede the match.

Final Result: Ryan Fuller defeats Kristian Kockott 2 - 0

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