Quarterfinal Feature Match: Trey Van Cleave vs. Thomas Preyer

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By Friedrich Rademacher

Game 1

Here we are at the Top 8 single elimination playoff. All the players were already qualified or Barcelona, so all they were playing for was money and glory.

Trey started off by casting a Metathran Zombie and attacking with it next turn. Thomas played an Urborg Phantom and passed. Trey played a Plague Spitter, which did not go well with his own Zombie but therefore even better with his opponent's Skeleton. Thomas used Bog Down fishing out a Duskwalker and an Island out of Trey's hand. Thomas then played an Ancient Kavu that got Terminated next turn.

Trey just kept pounding on his opponent removing everything that would dare to come over the way. After Thomas had cast a Duskwalker and a Kavu Aggressor with kicker. Both get killed by a Magna Burst with kicker. Trey just kept swinging at Thomas who did not have any creatures in play anymore. Thomas then played Do or Die, dividing the creatures like this: 1) Plague Spitter 2) Urborg Drake and Metathran Zombie. Trey chose to keep the Drake in play and Thomas played a Lord of the Undead. Thomas was at three life while Trey was at thirteen. Once again Trey came over to Thomas leaving him at one. The Austrian then attacked with Goham Djinn and conceded.

Game 2

This game, Thomas seemed to be actually playing creatures. He played a turn one Nightscape Apprentice and a Kavu Aggressor. Trey played a Faerie Squadron so that he could then bounce them back for his Marsh Crocodile. Thomas started attacking with his Aggressor and cast Bog Down.

After some time reconsidering his options, Trey decided to discard an Urborg Emissary to his Marsh Crocodile, while Thomas discarded a Shivan Zombie. Meanwhile, Trey has played a Plague Spitter, Faerie Squadron, and a Metathran Zombie. Thomas attacked with both his Aggressor and his Urborg Phantom. Both players exchanged damage and creatures until Trey showed a Magma Burst to his opponent, who conceded immediately.

Final Result: Trey Van Cleave defeats Thomas Preyer, 2-0

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