Quarterfinal - Greg Ogreenc vs. Robert Smith

Posted in Event Coverage on December 1, 2013

By Mike Rosenberg

Mike Rosenberg is a writer and gamer and has been part of the Magic text coverage team since 2011. He joined Wizards as organized play’s content specialist in June 2014.

Greg Ogreenc has had a couple of close calls at the Grand Prix level. While he made an early exit in the Quarterfinals of Grand Prix Kansas City back in July, the Milwaukee native has been tearing through the competition all weekend and has found himself in the elimination rounds of Grand Prix Toronto with a solid Green-Blue deck.

His opponent, Grand Prix Seattle 20212 Champion Robert Smith, earned his invitation and airfare to Pro Tour Born of the Gods at the very least minute. He'll be returning to the Pro Tour early next year thanks to his Top 8 finish, but what he would really like is for his Red-White draft deck to earn him a second gold trophy.

The Games

The first play of the match came from Ogreenc with Omenspeaker. It was enchanted with Feral Invocation on the third turn. Smith's first play was Lagonna-Band Elder on the third turn, but it was outclassed by Ogreenc's two mana creature, but the Elder was followed with Heliod's Emissary, making attacks less beneficial for Ogreenc. The Emissary was bestowed with Observant Alseid, which held Ogreenc's board back temporarily. However, Ogreenc had Anthousa, Setessan Hero, and he had a Feral Invocation for it when Smith blocked with his bestowed Emissary.

Greg Ogreenc

The now lonely Observant Alseid attacked in with the Lagonna-Band Elder, prompting Divine Verdict when the enchanted Omenspeaker blocked. The attack dropped Ogreenc to 6, and Smith passed at 11 life. Anthousa attacked in, dropping Smith to 5, and Ogreenc followed with Reverent Hunter. When it was given a bestowed Nimbus Naiad on the next turn, Smith scooped them up.

The second game featured a start with lots of action from Smith, who had Phalanx Leader, Leonin Snarecaster, and then Heliod, God of the Sun. Ogreenc's action was a little slower, but it had wings. Nimbus Naiad was Ogreenc's first play on the fourth turn and was followed by Precient Chimera.

However, the Phalanx Leader did its job after Heliod made a token when it was bestowed with Observant Alseid, giving him a very vigiliant and very dangerous board. Ogeenc pressed on however with his flying creatures, opting to race. Gods Willing on Phalanx Leader during the next attack ensured a concession from Ogeenc.

Ogreenc had first action in the third game with Omenspeaker, which shipped two cards to the bottom. He followed it with Agent of Horizons, which Smith met with Lagonna-Band Elder. Ogreenc made his Agent unblockable and sent it in, dropping Smith to 16. Smith sent in the Elder, and the race was on. He added Wingsteed Rider to his board post-combat. Smith did not block when Ogreenc sent his Agent in again, and Ogreenc followed the attack with Voyaging Satyr before passing back.

Robert Smith

Smith sent in his two creatures, dropping Ogreenc to 12 before casting another Lagonna-Band Elder. It blocked when Ogreenc sent in the Agent again, and the Wisconsinite followed up the combat with Vulpine Goliath before passing back. Another attack from Smith warranted a chump-block, dropping Ogreenc to 10 and leaving him without an Omenspeaker. Smith followed with Anax and Cymede and passed back. The Vulpine Goliath swung in, dropping Smith to 7. Ogreenc cast Precient Sphinx and passed with it and the Voyaging Satyr untapped.

Smith thought for a minute before sending his team in. Before blockers, Ogreenc untapped an Island with Voyaging Satyr and cast Triton Tactics, triggering Precient Sphinx. The card he saw with the scry was left on top. He blocked Wingsteed Rider with Precient Sphinx, Lagonna-Band Elder with the now 6/8 Vulpine Goliath, and finally, the 1/5 Voyaging Satyr jumped in front of Anax and Cyamede. Smith's only follow-up was Dauntless Assault, which tageted both of Smith's heroic creatures.

The resulting combat left Ogreenc alive, and when Ogreenc showed him a Nimbus Naiad to send the Vulpine Goliath into the air for a lethal attack, Smith offered the handshake.

Greg Ogreenc wins 2-1 and advances to the Semifinals!

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