Quarterfinal - Jack Teo vs Ryan Young

Posted in Event Coverage on January 25, 2014

By Pip Foweraker

Teo started the game off with an Artisan of Forms and a Disciple of Phenax, while Young had a Leafcrown Dryad and a Sedge Scorpion on his side of the board.

A second Disciple of Phenax for Teo kept the ground position relatively stalled, while Young managed to summon a Staunch-Hearted Warrior to finally start to load up some pressure on the U/B player.

Teo refused to feel the pressure, instead summoning an Erebos. Teo then used a Gods Willing on his Artisan of Forms to transform it into another Disciple and giving it protection from Green, letting him block Young's Sedge Scorpion effectively. Young started to build up his Staunch-Hearted Warrior with a bestowed Erebos's Emissary.

With his Erebos now firmly up and running, Teo summoned a Gray Merchant of Asphodel for an impressive 7-point life swing, putting Young further on the back foot. Young bestowed a Nylea's Emissary on his Warrior, making it both incredibly large and, more importantly, trampling.

Teo's a devoted fellow

Young had a Sip of Hemlock to take out Teo's Gray Merchant, which would drop Erebos below creature-worthy levels of devotion. Unable to stop the massive Warrior from trampling over his remaining blockers, Teo shuffled up his cards and moved to game 2.

Ryan Young 1 - Jack Teo 0

Young started the game off with a Leafcrown Elder, while Teo had a Shipwreck Singer to slow down its' offensive. Young added to his board with an Agent of Horizons, while Teo had a Returned Centaur to keep pace. Young had a Dark Betrayal for the Returned Centaur before pummeling Teo once more. Teo summoned a second Shipwreck Singer, potentially reducing the value of Young's attacks at the cost of tying up a great deal of mana. Young was having none of this, though, and simply upgraded to a Nessian Asp, threatening future hugeness.

Young seems decidedly unfazed facing down a God.

Teo bought himself some breathing room with a Gray Merchant of Asphodel for a 4-point swing each way, but had no further action, having to take the damage when the Nessian Asp came in next turn. Young used a Time to Feed on his Staunch-Hearted Warrior to take out one of the Shipwreck Singers, and a Pharika's Cure to get rid of the other. His team cracked in and dropped Teo to a perilous 5 life, Teo summoning a Returned Phalanx and an Opaline Unicorn to try and clog the ground up.

Young sent in his team once more and To gang-blocked the Staunch-Hearted Warrior. young flash-bestowed a Boon Satyr on his unblocked attacker to take the game and match.

Ryan Young 2 - Jack Teo 0

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