Quarterfinal: Pang Ming Wee vs. Egidio de Gois

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By Dan Gow

This quarter final match saw Pang ming Wee (3) of Brisbane, tackle Egidio de Gois (6) of Sydney. Pang Ming drafted strong red with solid green support. No less than 3 Chainflingers and 4 pieces of red removal including 2 flame bursts. Egidio faltered early, being pushed out of green, but a late change by Lenny Collins saw 2 Diligent Farmhands pass through. With these and some splashable larger creatureas in the form of Springing Tiger, Rabid Elephant & Wild Mongrel saw his deck grow into a solid 3 color (U/G/R) deck.

Game 1

Egidio chose to play. Even though his deck was blue, he knew it would be tempo that would get him through. Both players enjoyed the Luxury of fast mana acceleration in the case of a Diligent Farmhand in Egidio's case and a Deep Reconnaissance for Pang Ming. Egidio capitalized on this better with a 3rd turn Dreamwinder and a 4th turn Aven Windreader, whilst Pang Ming could only muster a Chain Flinger 4th turn.

Egidio drew first main blood (not including the 1 point from the farmhand) with 3 points from the Windreader, followed by him casting a second (a total of 3 Windreaders in the deck). One was quickly removed with a Liquid Fire, but with just a Chainflinger Egidio Sacrificed an island to attack with the Dreamwinder for a total of 7 points (leaving Pang Ming on 9). A Rabid Elephant followed and what was thought to be the weakest deck on the drafting table look much stronger in the play area.

As defense Pang Ming dropped a Cartographer and a Mad Dog, but both had to depart blocking as another 5 damage got through with a Opardic Fire Cat in for the ride as well. Pang Ming drew and the scooped unable to last another turn. Egidio 1-0.

Game 2

Pang Ming's turn to go first and a Skyshooter came out second turn, followed by Egidio's Wild Mongrel. Deep Reconnaissance gave a foot up for speed but allowed Egidio to play a cartographer unchallenged. Egidio could do nothing but attack for the next 2 turns as Pang Ming was able to drop a second Chainflinger and an Ember Beast. A double block with the Ember Beast and the Skyshooter saw Egidio lose 4 cards (taking 2 with him), but the card advantage would cost dearly.

Depleted in the creature department Pang Ming had an answer that served 2 purposes - as a blocker and removal. A well timed Moment of Peace saw the advantage lost as it failed to deal combat damage to a 3/3 Wild Mongrel. An Aven Windreader finally came out to offer some protection, but an Overrun handed Pang Ming the game as Egidio had tapped out and couldn't cast the Moment of Peace. 1-1.

Game 3

The final game again saw the Diligent Farmhand Sacrificed from Egidio give him 3rd and 4th turn Aven Wind Readers, against the familiar Chainflinger and are Cartograoher on Pang Ming's side. It looked like a good race when Wee played an Ember beast. The play that won the match was Volcanic Spray then again flashed from the graveyard, cleaning out the Chain Flinger and the Cartographer and leaving the Ember Beast on it's own. Confused.Egidio sung for 6 and then another turn, leaing Pang Ming on 1. Pang Ming still couldn't draw an answer and conceded giving Egidio a path to the final 4.

Final Result: Egidio Wins 2-1

Egidio de Gois

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Pang Ming Wee

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