Quarterfinal: Sam Black vs. Marijn Lybaert

Posted in Event Coverage on August 29, 2010

By Tobi Henke

Marijn Lybaert didn't look too happy as he sat down for his quarterfinal match. He mumbled something along the lines of: "could have been better." But as soon as Sam Black showed up at the table, he regained his composure, and the two started chatting almost right away about the upcoming Pro Tour–Amsterdam and the new Extended format.

Lybaert won the die-roll but had to take a mulligan before he started off with Preordain. His next play was Barony Vampire, while Black made a Runeclaw Bear, and then Sword of Vengeance.

"Nice card," Lybaert commented.

Marijn Lybaert

Lybaert's Barony Vampire traded with the Runeclaw Bear and was replaced by Phantom Beast. Black made two small critters in Sylvan Ranger and Stormfront Pegasus. Lybaert cast Sign in Blood, attacked with the Beast and passed the turn with three Islands up. Nevertheless he didn't interfere when Black summoned a second Sylvan Ranger and equipped that – with a vengeance.

Lybaert summoned Augury Owl, the perfect blocker for Stormfront Pegasus. The following combat first had Black cast Inspired Charge and in response Lybaert killing off the equipped Ranger with Stabbing Pain. He untapped and summoned Air Servant, Black untapped and cast Duskdale Wurm. Meanwhile, the Phantom Beast had already gotten Black down to low life and the Air Servant tried to severe the last few threads Black was hanging on to. Stormfront Pegasus chumpblocked and Lybaert cast Nightwing Shade.

Black summoned and equipped a second Runeclaw Bear, then attacked with everything. At 9 life, Lybaert just blocked Sylvan Ranger with his Shade and the 4/2 Bear with his 4/5 Phantom Beast, so Duskdale Wurm put him at 2. Black looked at the Air Servant and Nightwing Shade, shrugged, and conceded.

Sam Black 0 – 1 Marijn Lybaert

Sam Black

Black started with a pair of Runeclaw Bears. One was returned to his hand by Æther Adept, the other traded with it. Lybaert once again had Phantom Beast followed by Air Servant, Black had Elvish Archdruid followed by Duskdale Wurm. The stakes were quickly raised to astronomical height in this game.

When Lybaert locked up Duskdale Wurm in Ice Cage, Black was forced to cast Safe Passage to even survive at all. He then made Sylvan Ranger and Stormfront Pegasus, the latter of which got tapped down by Air Servant.

No one can stand an unchecked four-power attacker for long, let alone two of them, and Lybaert was no exception. Phantom Beast and Air Servant wrapped things up in short order.

Sam Black 0 – 2 Marijn Lybaert

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