Quarterfinals – Li Meng (Mono Black Control) vs. Wang Xuan Ji (Blue Black Control)

Posted in Event Coverage on July 3, 2011

By Chapman Sim

Game 1

Li Meng's Inquisition of Kozilek netted Mana Leak and he followed that up with a second turn Vault Skirge. Wang was not bothered by the pesky imp and continued to dig for threats with Preordain and double Spreading Seas.

Unfortunately for Li, he was severely land flooded and the 1/1 flier was hardly any pressure. When he did draw Grave Titan, Wang had it removed with Despise. A Lashwrithe the turn later was countered by Stoic Rebuttal.

Wang managed to draw into Batterskull and Grave Titan and it was not surprising to see Li succumb to these powerful mythics.

Wang Xuan Ji and his mythics take Game One.

Wang Xuan Ji wins Game One.

Game 2

Li started with double Inquisition of Kozilek, stripping Mana Leak and Stoic Rebuttal from Wang's hand. When Li summoned Vampire Nighthawk, Wang went for its throat then untapped to drop Jace Beleren.

Li Meng ponders how to survive the assault.

Li made use of this opportunity to resolve Mimic Vat, hoping to combo it with Vampire Hexmage in his hand but Wang forced him to discard it with his own Inquisition of Kozilek. Wanting to reduce Li of kill conditions and blockers, he decided to use Surgical Extraction to remove Li's decks of Nighthawks then untapped to resolve Grave Titan.

Gatekeeper of Malakir reduced the number of zombies by one, but it didn't bother Wang at all. He simply attacked with Grave Titan, tapped out for the ultra-cool Karn Liberated, then reducing his opponent's land count to just three. Li had Hex Parasite to kill Karn, but he could do nothing to the power of Grave Titan and its dark minions.

Wang Xuan Ji wins Game Two and proceeds to the Semifinals.

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