Quarterfinals – Wilfy Horig vs. Maitland Cameron

Posted in Event Coverage on July 23, 2011

By Ray “blisterguy” Walkinshaw

Gideon Jura

Both Wilfy Horig and Maitland Cameron were convinced that they were favored coming into this match, but with all of the smiling and jovial cajoling, it has hard to tell if either of them were serious.

Cameron won the die roll, and stemmed the flow of Horig's Vampires with an Oblivion Ring a flock of Squadron Hawks. Eventually, Gideon Jura and Elspeth Tirel came to Cameron's aid, and he slowly began clawing his way back into the game. With nothing on top of Horig's library to help finish Cameron off, they headed to game two.

Cameron 1 – Horig 0

While the players sideboarded, Cameron told me to tell you all that he's @matonus on twitter, because he didn't yet have any followers. Cameron then excused himself to go to the bathroom (probably to see if this earned him any more).


Timely Reinforcements

An early Inquisition of Kozilek denied Cameron a Squadron Hawk, but revealed a Day of Judgment waiting in the wings. Horig furrowed his brow and charged into the fray, hoping to deal enough damage before the board would be swept clean. Unfortunately, Cameron received some Timely Reinforcements, so by the time the Day of Judgment arrived; Cameron was still on a healthy life total. Horig tried again with an Inquisition, but saw land, Day of Judgment, and a Gideon. "Yes, yes, very good," he nodded, scooping.

Cameron 2 – Horig 0

Horig opened with a Vampire Lacerator and a Duress in game three, snagging one of a pair of Day of Judgments. An Inquisition of Kozilek took Jace Beleren, but revealed a Gideon Jura in reserve. Horig mounted a respectable offence, but it was not enough, as turn after turn, Gideon forced the opposing team into Cameron's Celestial Colonnade. Horig finally pounded Gideon into the ground with a Lightning Bolt, but was out of steam for the Elspeth that followed.

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