Posted in Event Coverage on March 28, 2004

By Ted Knutson

Chatting with Kate before the match, she explained that she was going to lose this match in two very fast games because teammate Craig "That Bastard" Krempels hooked her draft. Apparently Krempels passed her two Deconstructs in Pack 1 before dipping into heavy Green himself, weakening her deck and wrecking her favorite draft strategy. The deck she ended up with was a relatively weak W/G/r monstrosity, featuring platinum hits like Viridian Acolyte and Battlegrowth in the main deck.

"What would you say the odds are of making you dinner any time soon, Craig? I'd say they are pretty slim," she jawed at Krempels, who was at the adjacent Feature Match table. Krempels just smiled sheepishly, knowing that he had probably crushed Kate's draft, but he was unable to do anything about it at this point, and had his own match to win. After looking at Turian's deck, it might not have mattered anyway, since Mike's deck was a W/R tempo deck that one observer politely described as "insane."

Kate asked Photographer Brian David Marshall, "Can you get a photo of me throttling Krempels when we're done with this? I want that one to go in the archives."

Game 1


Both players kept their hands to kick off this quarterfinal, with Turian choosing to play. A turn 3 Slith Ascendant hit the board on Turian's side and started wracking up counters, as Mike followed up the flier with a Skyhunter Cub and an Arcbound Worker. Kate just sat there looking at her hand, and shaking her head ruefully. She Deconstructed Mike's Vulshok Morningstar, and cast Viridian Acolyte plus Battlegrowth, but then simply conceded after Mike played a Sword of Kaldra.

Three minutes and thirty seconds in the match had passed, and Turian was already up a game.

Turian 1 - Stavola 0

Game 2

"Maybe next game I'll concede at twenty and just go make monkey faces at Craig for the rest of his match. I'll feel a little better about that."

Mike's opening hand contained Slith Ascendant, Raise the Alarm, Lodestone Myr, Skyhunter Cub, Leonin Bola and two lands. Raise the Alarm from each player saw token creatures trade, while Kate cast a Cub of her own on turn 3, and Mike played a Slith Ascendant. Clockwork Condor from Stavola put the breaks on any attack the Slith might make for the moment though, and the board began to take shape. Arcbound Stinger and Worker from Turian plus the aforementioned Bola complicated things for Kate, and Mike added to the pressure by casting a Skhyunter Cub of his own. A Tel-Jilad Outrider from Kate helped gum up the ground, but was quickly traded with Mike's Cub.

Thunderstaff slowed the Slith beatings down a bit, but he still dealt damage, and therefore continued to grow. Kate simply shrugged when Mike played Lodestone Myr, and could only follow it with a Viridian Acolyte. Turian's Bola tricks completely destroyed any reasonable blocking plan that Kate might have, and he was grinding down her life bit by bit as he built an army that looked like it could be stopped by nothing short of a Solar Tide. Barbed Lightning killed the Lodestone Myr, but a Detonate on Kate's Thunderstaff dropped her to nine, and Mike's attack knocked her to five.

Kate's draw didn't help her at all, so she extended her hand and simply said, "Congrats Mike," and wished him well in the next round.

Turian 2 - Stavola 0

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