Quarterfinals: Adam Yang vs. David Snow

Posted in Event Coverage on August 17, 2003

By Joshua Claytor

Adam Yang, local player and student at Georgia Tech, is looking to continue his dominance in this tournament. He ended the swiss undefeated. He did intentionally draw in the last two rounds to make the top eight, but lost a total of zero games when he played it out. David Snow is an accomplished player as well. He qualified for nationals in the hardest regional. He made top eight at the Ohio Valley with U/G madness, and is the second place finisher at West Virginia states. He is running U/G again today.

The “Yang Train” won the die roll, played first. Adam kept his hand, and David decided that his first six just were not good enough, with a sigh, he pitched them back, and his hand of six did not bring a smile to his face. He kept.

Adam played first, hit his land drops, but did not have anything else to go with it. David played a Quiet Speculation and showed two Roar of the Wurm, and Deep Analysis. Adam played his 3rd land, and cast a Goblin Sharpshooter. Goblin Matron met a Circular Logic, and David looked to be in strong control with a flashbacked Roar. Adam played his fifth land, cast a Sparksmith and a second Sharpshooter. The wurm hit for six, and a Careful Study discarded some lands from Snow’s hand. A second wurm token hit for David, and things looked horrible for Adam. Adam bleakly cast Goblin Prospector, shot a wurm token with the spark smith, and cast a Firebolt to get rid of one 6/6 monster. David’s reserve wurm came speeding across at Adam, who sharpshooted his way out of a sticky situation. Wild Mongrel came home for David and things still looked horrible for the local player. A trade with wild mongrel could have worked out, but a second one came down, then a third. Goblin Warchief tired to come into play for Adam, but David was at the ready with the Logic. Deep analysis cast and flashbacked gave him just enough cards to deal lethal damage.

Game two, both players kept their opening hands, with Adam actually playing something worth a crap turn one, Skirk Prospector. After a turn two Goblin Sledder, Yang made a Siege Gang Commander. Prospector came into play for Adam the following turn, and he swung with all his might with the Commander. Rootwalla tried to block the guy, but it was smothered before it could block. David had his back to wall, no action cards, and he could no longer safely swing with his mongrel. Warchief came into play for Adam, and he gleefully sent his team into the field of battle. That Rootwalla jumped out again and this time was actually able to block. Sharpshooter tried to come in, but David had the logic to counter the deadly goblin. Firebolt however targeted David, and knocked him down to seven. Arrogant wurm was brought out via madness in Adam’s end step. David attacked, knocked Adam to three, and passed the turn. When Adam made the correct play of killing the mongrel, David waited to see if the error prone local player would make one more. It was not to be, as his remaining team hit him to 4, then the Commander killed himself and a goblin to steal a victory.

David kept his hand of six after he was forced to mulligan. Adam kept his, and soon it was Rootwalla vs. Goblin Sledder. The sound of heartbreak was heard from the West Virginian native, as he missed his second land drop. Adam was ready for the Wild Mongrel that would follow on turn 3, with the smother, and during his turn he put a war chief into play tapped. The attack from knocked David to 18, and Warchief continued to take advantage of the land screwed opponent of and still Adam had the second smother for the second mongrel. Eventually after never drawing a third land, David conceded and Adam Yang moved onto the semifinals.

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