Quarterfinals: Alex Shvartsman vs Zvi Mowshowitz

Posted in Event Coverage on May 2, 2003

By Toby Wachter

This was a rematch of the mirror match these teammates played in the swiss rounds. Of the three Your Move Games members playing Elvish Succession in this tournament, two made the Top 8. Unfortunately for them, they have to play each other in the first round.

Game 1

Shvartsman- “This is the play I’ve been waiting to make the whole tournament…first turn Birchlore Rangers!”

(Mowshowitz with a blank stare)

Shvartsman- “What?”

Mowshowitz- “I was just giving you my puzzled look.”

Shvartsman- “Even with your puzzled look, you look like you know what’s going on.”

Shvartsman came right out of the gate, playing Llanowar Elves, a Herald, Soultiller and topped it off with Fallen Angel. Mowshowitz played his own Angel, but Shvartsman had the advantage since he had the full elf team out. With the board already dramatically in his favor, Shvartsman untapped and played Verdant Succession.

Shvartsman- “This is the same situation as the game we played before.”

Mowshowitz- (disgusted look on face, scoops up cards) “I lose, I have nothing going on over here.”

Shvartsman- “That’s how these games work, one of us goes splat.”

Shvartsman- 1 Mowshowitz- 0

Game 2

Mowshowitz had a second turn Hivemaster, while Shvartsman got most of the combo out with Nantuko Husk and Birchlore Rangers, supported by Llanowar Elves and Gempalm Strider. Shvartsman played Verdant Succession, and attacked with his Husk. Mowshowitz untapped, and started to work out whether or not he could kill Shvartsman as if it were one of those old Duelist “How do you win?” puzzles. He decided to go for it, noting “If I don’t win this turn I’m probably dead anyway.” A few steps into “going off” he stopped, realizing that it wasn’t possible.

Mowshowitz: “I’ll put myself at win next turn and say go.”

Shvartsman untapped, showed that he had Soultiller and Herald, and was able to go off and eventually win that turn with the Marauder.

Shvartsman- 2 Mowshowitz- 0

Alex Shvartsman

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Zvi Mowshowitz

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