Quarterfinals: Benjamin Caumes vs. Hans Joachim Höh

Posted in Event Coverage on December 1, 2002

By Sideboard Staff

Benjamin Caumes, a Frenchman, and Hans Joachim Höh, from Germany, met in the Quarter-Final. Caumes piloting the most successful deck of the tournament so far – Lackey Sligh. The German was running an odd White Weenie with a Blue splash that ran such oddities as Nova Cleric. Höh won the coin flip and elected to play.

Game 1

Goblin Lackey
The game got quickly underway, with both players exchanging early creatures, a Goblin Lackey ran into a Ramosian Sergeant only to be replaced by a Jackal Pup. Meddling Mage declared that Goblin Sparksmiths were illegal but was dispatched by a newly cast Seal of Fire. Höh Stared at his lone Plains where it lay surrounded by two Adarkar Wastes and decided that morphing his Whipcorder was the safer route to victory. Carnage again ensued within the Red Zone, both the Pup and the Whipcorder died – Benjamin took two, before he made a Goblin Piledriver and an ominous Rishadan Port.

Höh morphed a second Rebel, and missed his fourth land drop. Caumes wasted no time in taking advantage of this by making a second Port and the deadly Sparksmith. With his pain-free mana Ported, Höh took two when he made a True Believer and then sent his now unmorphed Whipcorder attacking.

The Sparksmith shot down the Believer, a Wasteland took care of one of the Adarkar Wastes and with the Ports locking down the German's two remaining land, Caumes won the first duel.

Caumes 1 – Höh 0

Tangle Wires were quickly switched for Cursed Scrolls by the Frenchman whilst the German boarded very strangely: he left the 2 Worship in the board, having obviously decided that Gilded Drake was an essential card in this match up, having brought them in alongside 2 Seal of Cleansing and 2 Seal of Removal.

Game 2

Höh went first again keeping a one land hand with a bunch of bears, a Sergeant and a Mother of Runes, which he laid on the first turn. Benjamin also kept a dodgy- hand with a Barbarian Ring being his only source of mana.

Barbarian Ring
A Lava Dart took the Mother out, causing Caumes the first of what was going to be a lot of self-dealt damage. Höh dropped the Sergeant and missed his second land drop, as did Caumes who used a second Dart to take care of the Rebel searcher. Höh then began what was the first of a series topdecked land to put him in the game. Caumes did not make his second land, another Barbarian Ring, until turn ten, but had three Firebolts, four Lava Darts and a Seal of Fire to take care of the creatures that Höh made.

Caumes made his first creature of the game, a Goblin Cadet, whilst on six life having shot himself nine times with the Ring, which after Höh's attacks, left him on 6. Höh did nothing during his next two turns, which had left the Frenchman time to make a second Cadet and, more importantly, a Mountain.

Höh's death throes began. He did nothing during his next two turns except lift his pen to take damage from the Cadets. He finally mustered a Parallax Wave in defense but died to red spells that were pointed at his face.

Final Result: Benjamin Caumes wins 2-0

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