Quarterfinals - Brian Kibler (Next Level Bant) vs Ryou Tasaki (UW Control)

Posted in Event Coverage on June 4, 2010

By Ben Swartz

The players began the match by looking at each others' decklist, but, due to the language barrier, it was easier for the players to look at the physical copies instead. Brian Kibler was instantly shocked by the Eldrazi Conscription package in Ryou Tasaki's UW Control deck. Tasaki, on the other hand, was happy to see that Kibler was running zero counterspells in his main deck.

After winning the roll Kibler, decided to play first and mulliganed down to six. Tasaki got things started with a Spreading Seas on Kibler's Celestial Colonnade and a Knight of the White Orchid. Kibler's first play of the game was a turn four Elspeth, Knight-Errant, which promptly got countered by Tasaki's Negate. Tasaki had an Elspeth of his own, creating a Soldier token while attacking with his Knight of the White Orchid.

Kibler cast a Jace, the Mind Sculptor, Brainstormed, and passed the turn back with no defense for his planeswalker. Another Knight of the White Orchid for Tasaki netted him another land. Two Spreading Seas took away Kibler's green sources, while Tasaki used his creatures to destroy the Mind Sculptor.

A Sea Gate Oracle was the only defense Kibler could muster. When Tasaki tried to attack with his team, Kibler cast Path to Exile on an animated Celestial Colonnade and dropped to eleven. Looking for an answer to Tasaki's Elspeth, Kibler cast a Wall of Omens, getting him a less than stellar Vengevine. After an attack, Tasaki's Knight-Errant was still alive and well, allowing Tasaki, on the next turn, to attack with a 4/4 flying soldier token.

Eldrazi what?! I thought you were UW!

Kibler then played two Noble Hierarchs, allowing his Celestial Colonnade to deal six damage to Elspeth, leaving it with one counter, but an Eldrazi Conscription hard cast from Tasaki was enough to seal game one.

Brian Kibler 0 – Ryou Tasaki 1

Kibler started game two with a Noble Hierarch, while Tasaki was able to accelerate with a Knight of the White Orchid. Kibler's Bant Charm destroyed Tasaki's Fieldmist Borderpost, evening the land count at three for both players. Tasaki attacked in with his Knight before casting Oblivion Ring on Kibler's Noble Hierarch.

Kibler made what he called "a bizarre play," casting Jace, the Mind Sculptor and bouncing Tasaki's Knight of the White Orchid, effectively giving Tasaki a free land when he recast the Knight the following turn. Kibler used Jace's middle ability to find an Elspeth, Knight-Errant, creating a blocker for Tasaki's Knight of the White Orchid.

Tasaki got his hands on a planeswalker of his own, this time Gideon Jura, upping its loyalty to eight before passing the turn back. Kibler found a sixth untapped land which allowed him to cast a Mold Shambler with kicker, destroying Tasaki's Gideon. The only thing Tasaki could muster on his next turn was a Sea Gate Oracle. This gave Kibler the opportunity to bounce his own Mold Shambler with Jace and recast it, destroying Tasaki's Celestial Colonnade.

Tasaki drew a Jace of his own, destroying Kibler's Jace. With nothing else from Tasaki, Kibler was able to attack with a 4/4 flying Soldier token. Another pass from Tasaki gave Kibler the chance to cast a Sphinx of Lost Truths with kicker before using Elspeth's ultimate. A now-indestructible Mold Shambler kept his beats rolling. Tasaki cast an Oblivion Ring to get rid of Kibler's Sphinx and managed to Negate both an Elspeth and Oblivion Ring from Kibler. Finally, a third Oblivion Ring from Kibler resolved, allowing him to get back his Sphinx and cycle three cards.

Looking for an answer Tasaki cast an Elspeth, creating a token. However, it was not enough, as Kibler's Ranger of Eos, getting back a Vengevine, sent the match to game three.

Brian Kibler 1 – 1 Ryou Tasaki

For the final game, Kibler got things started with a turn one Noble Hierarch. After no turn two play from Tasaki, Kibler was able to cast a Scute Mob while attacking in for one with his Hierarch. Again Tasaki simply played a land and passed while Kibler continued to bring the beats. Tasaki's first play of the game was a fourth turn Elspeth, Knight-Errant, prompting Kibler to Oblivion Ring it.

Time stands still for Ryou Tasaki as he tries to stop Kibler.

A Day of Judgment from Tasaki cleared the board, but Kibler was prepared for it with an Elspeth of his own, creating a soldier. An Oblivion Ring from Tasaki got Kibler's Oblivion Ring, destroying both Elspeths, but a Ranger of Eos from Kibler allowed him to refill his hand with Noble Hierarchs.

The only thing Tasaki could muster was a Knight of the White Orchid, getting him his eighth land, but after Kibler used Deprive to counter Tasaki's Eldrazi Conscription, Tasaki extended the hand.

Brian Kibler 2 – Ryou Tasaki 1

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