Quarterfinals - David Humpherys vs Andy Wolf

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By Kurtis "Fat Man" Hahn

Dave won the roll and opted to play first. Both players keep their hands. Hump makes the first move with his B/W/u deck, casting a turn-two Lynx which was matched by Andrew's turn-two Meddling Mage naming "Dromar's Charm." By turn three the Hump was on all three colors of mana, but Wolf had only two Coastal Towers and an Island. Wolf missed his fourth land drop, but cast a Lashknife Barrier. This is the same enchantment that got him past his first round opponent, Lee Curtis. The Mage was Vindicated, and Hump swung for 7 with his Lynx, Rager, and Dodecapod. Wolf finally found red mana in Battlefield Forge, and Lightning Angel quickly evened the sides. Hump swung again, and Dodecapod was blocked by the Angel and before damage, Hump lessened the Angel with a Charm, killing it with damage, putting Wolf to a mere four life points. After his subsequent draw, Wolf scooped up the first game.

Humpherys 1, Wolf 0

Wolf chose to play first this game, and hopes that he won't be stuck on color again. Wolf had only two lands in his opening hand, contrary to the Hump who kept a mana-heavy hand and hoped to draw into spells. Wolf had all of the business spells in his hand this game, and Lightning Angel kicks things off. The Hump ripped a Vindicate and knocked the Angel out of the air. It didn't matter. The next turn Wolf kicked a Skizzik, and Humpherys was on his way down to 12. Hump cast a Verdict, hoping to gain some life, and instead got a Lashknife Barrier and a Goblin Legionnaire. Spectral Lynx would only suck up one point of damage from the trampling Skizzik so Humpherys went in for two again. Wolf pounded on Humpherys casting another Skizzik, knocking him to two on just turn six. Hump looked thoughtfully at his hand, and had a Hobble for one of the Skizziks and now looked to contain the other one. After cantripping, the Hump found nothing, and the players were on their way to game three.

Humpherys 1, Wolf 1

Dave went first this game. Wolf has no blue mana at the start of this game, and has a disturbing trend of not having his main colors in his opening hand. The Hump takes advantage of going first by Vindicating Wolf's Mountain, and then on turn four does it to Wolf's other Mountain. Wolf doesn't bat an eye, as he found a Shivan Reef and cast Meddling Mage naming Dromar's Charm. The Hump still didn't have a fourth land drop, but Wolf made his drop and cast Lashknife Barrier, excellent against The Hump's Lynx.

Hump's fourth land came on turn 6 in the form of Dromar's Charm and he cast Fact or Fiction revealing two Dromar's Charms, swamp, Caves of Koilos, and Phyrexian Rager. After Wolf split the piles, Hump opted for the pile of Caves of Koilos and Phyrexian Rager as the Meddling Mage would not allow the Charm to be cast, and the Hump had already used two Vindicates. Wolf summoned another Meddling Mage and named Phyrexian Rager because of the one that just went to the Hump's hand from the FoF. Little did Wolf know that the Hump's other TWO Charms were in his hand, and the other two in the 'yard, and they would be worthless until the Mage was gone. Another Fact or Fiction from Humpherys revealed three land, a Phyrexian Rager and an Emblazoned Golem. Hump chose to take the Golem and a Swamp, and swung back with the Lynx knocking Andy to 16. After combat, Hump cast Rout which would get the Mages off the table and allow him to cast the Rager in hand and/or the Dromar's Charm next turn if he so chose. Wolf brushed off the Rout, casting a Lightning Angel and knocking the Hump to 11. Wolf was still on four lands, like he had been all game, and his hand was full of gas. Just one more land would open up the Prof Bolt in his hand along with the Skizzik. Another Lightning Angel lay in wait as well. The Hump started mounting his defense by Hobbling the Lightning Angel and he sat with two Charms in hand, waiting to counter key spells and strike back. For the moment he would be without Charm mana, playing a CIP tapped land, and Wolf did indeed cast the other Lightning Angel failing to play land. Hump had Vindicate number three for the other Angel and now had counter mana online. Wolf passed his next turn, with Fire/Ice in hand, and could be waiting to tap a key land during Hump's end step. Wolf now started going to the head, and shot a Fire to Humps balding dome to knock him to five. Hump just took the damage, holding the Charms that could give him 5 life each if necessary.

(45 minutes later)

The match was stalled, and Wolf was looking for burn. Wolf drew and cast a Meddling Mage and after long debate and touring through Dave's graveyard, finally decided on naming Desolation Angel. Wolf passed the turn and on Humpherys turn he cast a Rager taking him to eight. Wolf drew and cast a Goblin Legionnaire using a pain land to cast it in consecutive turns taking himself to three and Wolf drew another Goblin Legionnaire on the following turn, went to three, and cast that one as well, then passing the turn. Hump ripped the almighty mighty Agenda off the top, and with all four Vindicates and more importantly, all four Dromar's Charms, this game ended shortly afterwards, when Hump cast a Rout and Desolation Angel back-to-back.

Final Result: Dave Humpherys wins GP-Minneapolis 2-1 over Andy Wolf

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