Quarterfinals: Felix Dykhne (Kings Games) vs. Anthony Ramasami (JD Gaming Supplies)

Posted in Event Coverage on July 18, 2003

By Eugene Zolotuskiy

This should be a very interesting match with both players piloting their MBC decks to the top 8. Dykhne an upstart player from Brooklyn had a record of 5-1-1, meanwhile Ramasami had a 5-0-2 record.

Game 1

Ramasami Duressed first turn, taking the Scrying. He tried to take the Undead Gladiator, but Dykhne pointed out that he can’t take creatures with Duress, bystanders had a chuckle and the game resumed. Dykhne delivered the beats bringing Ramasami down to 14 life, but not before Ramasami Tutored for and used a Mind Sludge on Dykhne, making him discard his hand.

Dykhne got in a Haunting Echoes, and took out all the Tutors, Duress, and the Mind Sludge from the graveyard and from the game. Dykhne Duressed Ramasami and was faced with a conundrum. Ramasami had an Echoes of his own and a Mirari. Dykhne decided to get rid of the Echoes, but remained vulnerable to the Corrupt/Mirrari combo that Ramasami had in his hand and the Cabal Coffers already in play.

Dykhne was in trouble, Ramasami dropped the Mirari, preventing Dykhne from casting his own legendary artifact. He double Corrupted Dykhne, and Dykhne retaliated with a Corrupt of his own, but a top decked Corrupt with Mirari, brought Dykhne to 0 life. On we go to game 2.

Dykhne 0 – Ramasami 1


Ramasami –4 Smother -3 Mutilate – 4 Innocent Bloods, + 1 Haunted Echoes +2 Persecute + 3 Withered Wretch + 4 Cabal Therapies

Dykhne +3 Persecutes + 4 Rancid Earth, - 2 Smother – 4 mutilate – 1 Ensnaring Bridge.

Game 2

Dykhne was disappointed with his hand, and sent it back in. “Odds are not in my favor” said the Brooklynite. After taking a few beats from a Withered Wretch, Dykhne had enough and Corrupted it away, going back up to 22. Seeing an opportunity to get rid of all the Corrupts from the game, Ramasami Haunting Echoed, but found only one Corrupd. Dykhne’s last Corrupt was in his hand, safe from the Echoes.

Dykhne’s Visara met the same fate as the Ramasami’s Withered Wretch, and Ramasami went up to 26 life. Ramasami found a Cabal Coffers, cast a Diabolic Tutor looking for a Persecute, and Mind Sludged Dykhne, removing his last Corrupt from his hand. Next came a Corrupt, and Dykhne was at 14, and Ramasami was now at 34. Another Corrupt followed, and Dykhne was now at a mere 6 with no more Corrupts left.

Dykhne Persecuted Black, but found only two Chainer’s Edicts, which were of no consequence. On his turn Ramasami drew another Haunting Echoes off the top. Dykhne’s only chance to win lay with his Undead Gladiator.

After passing a whole bunch of turns, Dykhne droped a Mirari, and Haunting Echoed Ramasami, getting rid of all of Ramasami’s Corrupts. As one bystander noted, “The race for the Gladiator is ON.” Ramasami won the race and found his Gladiator first, and Dykhne was now down to 3. Dykhne flashbacked Chainer’s Edict, and Miraried for fun.

Ramasami recurred the Gladiator, looking with anxious at Dykhne whose facial expression did not change the entire game, and proclaimed “GAME?” hoping that Dykhne didn’t draw a Gladiator or a removal spell of his own.

Dykhne 0 – Ramasami 2

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