Quarterfinals: Ferran Vila vs. Joost Vollebregt

Posted in Event Coverage on December 18, 2015

By Roger Dane

Game 1

Vollebregt wins the die roll and chooses to start, both players draw and keep their hands. A turn two Wild Mongrel from Vollebregt is met with an Innocent Blood from Vila which gets a comment of "strong" from the Dutchman. A Diligent Farmhand and Filthy Cur from Vollebregt is followed by an Angelic Wall from Vila and first damage is dealt when the Farmhand is unblocked during the next attack phase (19/20). A Dusk Imp is the next creature cast by Vollebregt but it receives a Kirtar's Desire but the other two creatures attack again and the Farmhand remains unblocked (18/20).

Both players start casting creatures and maneuver for position, neither being able to attack so Vollebregt makes Krosan Beast, Zombie Assassin, Frightcrawler and Painbringer and Vila gets Mystic Zealot and Aven Flock. Vollebregt spends quite a bit of time before finally deciding to sac his Diligent Farmhand to get an extra land. Having put a third card into his graveyard he uses the Painbringer's ability to kill the Aven Flock. During his turn Vila attacks with the Mystic Zealot but Vollebregt blocks with the Kirtar's Desired Krosan Archer and Dusk Imp. A Shelter saves the Zealot, the Dusk Imp dies and then an Auramancer brings the Shelter back to Vila's hand. Vollebregt attacks next turn with the Filthy Cur and Zombie Assassin, the Cur is blocked by the wall, Vila takes three and then the Wall is killed off using the Painbringer's ability (15/20).

Vila casts a Testament of Faith and passes and Vollebregt again takes quite a bit of time to decide on his play he has had a Krosan Beast in play for some time but the downside of using the Painbringer's ability is that it is very unlikely that threshold will ever be reached, reducing a potential fatty to a 1/1 for four mana.

Vila then cast Beloved Chaplain but Vollebregt decides that it's too disruptive and immediately casts Afflict to get rid of it. He attacks with the Filthy Cur which is blocked by the Testament of Faith but again a land discarded using the Krosan Archer's ability allowed Vollebregt to kill the blocker with the Painbringer even though he took three damage that was dealt to the Cur (15/17).

During his next attack phase, Vollebregt attacks with the Cur again. Vila blocks with both the Mystic Zealot and the Auramancer. Vollebregt pumps with the Nantuko Disciple he'd cast a couple of turns previously, then Vila realizes he will lose a creature he cannot afford to and so casts Second Thoughts before damage goes on the stack to kill the Cur. The Second Thoughts going to the graveyard gives the Spaniard Threshold but Vollebregt casts Dirty Wererat to keep up the pressure. Vila then casts Blessed Orator and enchants the Dirty Wererat with the third Kirtar's Desire he has cast. Vollebregt does nothing on his turn but Vila's Mystic Zealot takes advantage of the threshold and flies above the Dutchman's army to do an unblocked three damage (15/14).

Vila's Mystic Zealot is killed by the Painbringer and Vollebregt's pumped Krosan Beast dies for no effect when it is gang blocked and an Embolden saves the blockers. Vila finally kills the Nantuko Disciple and swings for three with his remaining two creatures (15/11).

Vollebregt once again discards unwanted lands from his hand using the Krosan Archer's ability, which allows him to kill the Auramancer with Ghastly Demise during Vila's turn. But the Spaniard still attacks with the Blessed Orator for one before casting a Zombie Assassin (15/10). Vollebregt then cast Morbid Hunger to dispose of the Assassin but an Embolden saved it although he still gained the three life but then had to use three more cards from his graveyard to kill the Zombie (15/13). Vila attacked with the Orator on the next two turns with Vollebregt summoning a Druid Lyrist in between Vila however drew Zombify and cast it to bring his Mystic Zealot back from the dead (15/11).

Vollebregt drew and passed on his next turn, Vila then cast Whispering Shade but in his end of turn step Vollebregt cast a Beast Attack token considerably upping the stakes. He attacked with the 4/4 token at the first opportunity but Vila pumped the Shade twice and blocked with everything so Vollebregt assigns all the damage to the shade and it and the token die. Vila draws and passes while Vollebregt flashes the Beast Attack back at the end of the turn and once again attacks immediately. It deals four damage and a Leaf Dancer is cast quickly after (11/11).

Vila casts another Kirtar's Desire to stop the Beast token but Vollebregt sacs the Druid Lyrist to free it and attacks again (7/11). A Hallowed Healer is cast along with Kirtar's Desire for the fifth time and then a Childhood Horror for Vollebregt is followed by a Face of Fear from Vila. The Horror attacked unblocked for four (5/11). In a last ditch effort Vila casts Gravedigger to resurrect Auramancer to get another Kirtar's Desire but it is too little too late and Vollebregt attacks with everything to secure the first game.

Game 2

After such a marathon contest the second game is something of an anti-climax as after a few early creatures and a Kirtar's Desire on a Childhood Horror, Vollebregt drew and cast the Beast Attack twice and Vila couldn't find an answer as his life fell 18, 16, 8, 4, 0.

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