Quarterfinals - Gustavo Chapela vs. Francisco Garcia Barbosa

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Alejo

Chapela is playing a "teched" version of the Angry Hermit deck, and Paco Barbosa is using a Draw-Go deck, also known as Magpile.

They are both from Mexico, so they know each other's decks very well.

"We should played this game last night, at the hotel, where we had a heater", said Chapela, obviously displeased with the lack of heating at the Centro Cultural Mapocho, the tournament site.

In the first game, Chapela starts with some elves, leaving Paco at 14 life, until Barbosa uses his first Powder Keg to get rid of them.

Chapela answers by playing a Poacher, which Paco Treacheries during his next turn.

After a few turns, where Gustavo was being hit with his own Poacher, Paco plays a Morphling, which Chapela answers with his own Phyrexian Processor, which Paco lets through, because of his Powder Keg, which has 3 counters. During his next upkeep, he adds the fourth counter to his Keg, destroys the Processor and finishes the job with the Morphling and Poacher.

Chapela 0 / Barbosa 1

The second game was much shorter, because Gustavo played a second turn Rofellos and a third turn Boil (in response to Paco´s Acumulate Knowledge). Gustavo proceeded to play an Ancient Hydra during his fifth turn, saying: "A ver que haces con esto, chavo!" (which translates into: "What are you gonna do about this, dude!").

The only thing that Paco was able to do was counter some random Hermits, and so he was unable to stop the Angry Hydra.

Gustavo 1 / Francisco 1

The third match started out slow for Gustavo, and Paco took advantage of that fact and played a fourth turn Masticore. Gustavo aswered with his Tangle Wire, tapping almost every one of Paco´s permanents. Taking advantage of the powerful Tangle Wire, Gustavo cast a Splinter, and thus proceeded to remove all of Paco´s Masticores from his hand and deck, which is absolutely devastating for Paco. Francisco was stunned, and all of his friends were busy taking pictures of his surprised face.

The rest of the match was pretty obvious, and one of Gustavo's Hermits did its dirty work.

Gustavo 2 / Francisco 1

The fourth game was much like the previous one. Some violent elves started the beatdown, when Paco, in true suicide fashion, played another fourth turn Masticore "You don't have the Splinter again!", he exclaimed. But alas, Gustavo does have the Splinter again. Déjà vu!!!

So once again Paco's Masticores get Splintered, and Gustavi proceeds to lay his Phyrexian Processor, paying 8 life (Paco´s life total was 8...). The only thing that Paco could do was play a Magpie, which Gustavo Arc Lightninged away during his next turn.

And that's all folks...

Gustavo 3 / Francisco 1

The key to winning this match? Obviously, the Tangle Wire stops the counter deck a lot, but the Splinter did the entire job in the two last games of this Mexican matchup.


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