Quarterfinals: Jeroen Remie vs. Alesandre Peset

Posted in Event Coverage on August 15, 2004

By Joseph Kambourakis

This quarterfinal matchup was a repeat of the table two pairing from round fourteen. The Dutchman Jeroen Remie played a very standard Vial Affinity deck against the Frenchman Alexandre Peset who played Tooth and Nail with Electrostatic Bolts main. Peset won the match but due mostly to what Remie called "insane" draws. Peset had lost Game 1 due to keeping a hand with no artifact removal but won games two and three after drawing a lot of his sideboard cards.

Game 1

Tooth and Nail

Peset started this game very strongly with turn two Oxidize and turn three Eternal Witness returning Oxidize. Remie's draw was much slower but land heavy, which is very good if Peset destroys his artifact lands. Remie put some good pressure on but still had a slow draw that gave Peset plenty of time to set up his mana base. Peset did not have Tooth and Nail when he got to nine mana and at that point things looked good for Remie who won the next turn.
Remie 1-0

Game 2

Peset took well over two minutes to decide whether or not to keep his hand. Remie asked him if he could see it and help him decide. Around the two and a half minute mark Peset decided to keep and Remie mulliganed about six seconds after seeing his own hand. Remie missed an early land drop but looked to be in good position until Peset cast Tel-Jihad Justice twice targeting Remie's last land and his Aether Vial. With Remie at few permanents and no lands Peset had all the time to develop his board and win the game with an entwined Tooth and Nail.

Game 3

Peset began this game with a mulligan that only took ten seconds to decide. The decision to take a second mulligan took his usual two plus minutes. Keeping any five cards was a quick decision for Peset. Remie missed his second land drop but played a second Aether Vial. Peset elected to oxidize a Vial instead of Remie's only land. Remie drew a second land on turn three and played out most of his hand and a Thoughtcast to reload. Remie's turn four saw him play out two Chromatic Spheres and drop a Retriever into play with a Vial. Peset had too few cards to deal with all of Remie's threats and the game ended with a large attack from Remie.
Jeroen Remie advances to the Semifinals 2-1.

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