Quarterfinals: Kai Budde vs. Alexis Dumay

Posted in Event Coverage on December 18, 2015

By Craig Jones

The German Juggernaut is rumbling once again and this time Frenchman Alexis Dumay is in the unenviable position of standing between Kai Budde and the semi's. Dumay has a Top 8 in Grand Prix Lisbon to his credit but Budde has had an insane season, winning virtually every tournament he's entered.

Kai Budde had drafted a strong blue/black deck with a Gravedigger/Scrivener/bounce recursive engine while Dumay also had a similar recursive engine around Anarchist and Shower of Coals.

Kai won the die roll and elected to play first.

Game 1

Game 1 started slowly with neither player casting a spell until Dumay summoned a Chainflinger on turn four. Budde Repelled it and then returned Repel with Scrivener. Dumay made a Halberdier which got repelled as Budde began beats with Scrivener.

Budde then cast Last Rites, savaging Dumay's hand as he discarded Aether Burst, Morgue Theft and Fledgling Imp to rip out two Windreaders and the Chainflinger.
Then there was an interesting moment as when Dumay Peeked Budde responded with a Repel, fishing out the Syncopate in Dumay's hand. This left the way clear for Budde to fetch Fledgling Imp back with a Gravedigger

"Shower?" Kai asked with 3 2/2's on the board, but Dumay had drawn only land and now had to hold back the Halberdier, using it to take down the Imp.

Budde summoned a Broker and Dumay was able to get rid of it with a Thermal Blast.
But not for long as Budde flashed back the Morgue Theft.

Then Dumay made a mistake as he cast an Anarchist, thinking that Thermal Blast was a sorcery. Thermal Blast is an instant and the Anarchist got back nothing, trading only with the Gravedigger.

The next turn was massive for Budde as he cast Patriarch's Desire on the Halberdier and then dropped Shadowmage Infiltrator. He added a Cephalid Scout the next turn.

Then Dumay finally found the Shower of Coals and cleared the table. Budde recovered with a Broker and then took the game away from Dumay by using the second Gravedigger to fetch Gravedigger, Scrivener, Repel.

Game 2

Dumay chose to play first.

Budde made a Cephalid Scout. Dumay Peeked at Budde's hand and saw a monster. Shadowmage Infiltrator and Last Rites to force it down. Sure enough next turn he read Dumay his rites, ripping out Thermal Blast, Dreamwinder and Shower of Coals. Dumay was left with a Flame Burst and that doesn't stop an Infiltrator.
Dumay fetched the Shower back with an Anarchist and used 2 Eggs to get to Threshold and clear the board. Then the game fell into a strange pattern of Budde denying Dumay draws by Repelling the Anarchist while Dumay used it to hit him back with multiple Showers.

Budde had thrown a Fervent Denial to the Last Rites and was able to flash it back to prevent yet another Shower disposing of his Aven Windreader. Budde asked if Dumay had the second Shower as he fetched back the Repel with a Scrivener. As Dumay was on 5 life and with only a lone Anarchist in the way he needed something that good.

Dumay had a Windreader of his own but this wasn't good enough as Budde drew a land and was able to Repel Windreader and cast Gravedigger to fetch back the Scrivener. Dumay's fate was sealed and the Juggernaut rumbled on.

Final Result: Kai Budde beats Alexis Dumay 2-0 and advances to the semi-finals.

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