Quarterfinals: Kai Budde vs. Wessel Oomens

Posted in Event Coverage on March 6, 2002

By Wessel Oomens

I don't think Kai Budde needs any introduction so let's talk about Jos Schreurs. Jos finished his study astronomy a year ago and is currently working at a big Dutch bank. He is a respected player in the Netherlands and made some Pro Tour appearances. He also has a Grand Prix win under his belt: Gothenburg last year.

Game 1

Kai won the toss and decided to play first and keep his first hand. Jos didn't but he kept his second hand and got the quarterfinal on its way.

Kai had a great start with a Diligent Farmhand and a Wild Mongrel. Jos at his turn started well too with an Escape Artist and a leaf Dancer. When Kai played a Painbringer, Jos immediately played a Psionic Gift and shot the Painbringer before it could do any harm.

But Kai was still very aggressive and his Mongrel backed up by his Nantuko Disciple were taking big pieces from Jos' life total.

The game ended when Kai played a Sylvan Might on his Mongrel and pumped it to a 10/10 trampler.

1-0 for Kai Budde

Game 2

Jos decided Kai should play first and he regretted that right from the start.

Kai played a first turn Basking Rootwalla and a second turn Wild Mongrel. Jos answered with a turn two Werebear. But Kai's Mesmeric Fiend who followed next, took a Seton's Desire. A fourth turn Springing Tiger was more than happy to join Kai's team.

After attacking the next turn and putting Jos at eight, Kai played a Carion Wurm... some curve heh.

Final Result: 2-0 for Kai Budde

By the way this match took fifteen minutes; that's including shuffling and Kai showing his previous draft deck to Jos.

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