Quarterfinals: Manuel Faustino Ramos vs. Noah Boeken

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By Wizards of the Coast

Despite the late hour and all thirteen rounds of Limited Magic, both players still had enough energy for some friendly banter and a good-luck handshake as the camera-flashes buzzed on in the site.

Game 1

Faustino opened up with an Obsidian Acolyte while Noah's first creature was a Might Weaver. Noah seemed to be stuck at two lands so he used an Aggressive Urge on his Weaver to deal oen more point and draw an extra card. The Weaver was pinned down under a Shackles, but Noah bounced right back killing the enchantment with a Horned Kavu to release his Weaver.

Noah finally dropped a third land. He now had access to all the colors in his deck. Manuel brought in a Ardent Soldier and Noah dropped a Might and a Hate Weaver. Faustino took a long time to ponder his next move and sent the Soldier towards what looked like a bad block. Noah decided to call the bluff and block with the Weaver and they both died. A Stormscape Battlemage replaced the Soldier and Noah brought in a Pouncing Kavu (with kicker) since he found his fifth land.

Noah's huge army kept coming in and Faustino was thrown into the ropes. The Acolyte jumped in the way of the Hate Weaver and Manuel went down to three and dies with a Darigaaz's Charm.

Noah 1 - 0 Manuel

Game 2

Faustino seemed to be stuck at two lands. Noah couldn't take advantage of that right away and Faustino promptly drew an island to play a Stormscape Familiar and a Samite Archer. Finally Noah did something: he played a Pouncing Kavu (with kicker) and started swinging.

Manuel played a Urborg Skeleton (no kicker) to keep the Kavu at bay and Noah added a new monster to the mix: a Serpentine Kavu. The Kavu duo swung in and Faustino blocked and prevented to take only two. Faustino dropped a Shackles to keep the Serpentine pinned down. Boeken swung into the Skeleton and dropped a Mire Kavu.

The Portuguese reached six mana (two of each land type) and dropped a Hunting Drake, bouncing the Mire Kavu back to the top of Noah's library. Believe it or not, the creature came back into play during the next turn to cause more trouble for Faustino's growing defensive wall. Then the Kavu gets finally went away due to a Stormscape Battlemage (with kicker).

Noah killed the Archer with a Soul Burn and played a Viashino Grappler. Faustino got some extra mileage from his cards with a Probe (with kicker) although Noah only lost two forests, the two remaining cards in his hand. The Grappler trampled in his suicide run into a Obsidian Acolyte for two extra damage, but Noah was out of steam.

A Fact or Fiction refilled Faustino's hand but first he had to use a Dromar's Charm to save a creature from a Scorching Lava. The Fact or Fiction got him a Molting Harpy and a Merfolk (the other pile was Confound, Obsidian Acolyte and an Island) and he felt confident enough to start swinging and drop a Molting Harpy and a Stormscape Apprentice.

Noah conceded since he knew he wouldn't have enough time to mount a comeback to deal those last 13 points of damage.

Noah 1 - 0 Manuel

Game 3

Noah called Ryan Fuller over to watch the game and give him good luck. Fuller had just won his quarterfinal against Pro Tour Los Angeles Champion Mike Pustilnik. Noah asked Manuel to reshuffle since he saw some cards due to clumsy shuffling from Faustino and he was really pleased with his hand.

The first creature was a Viashino Grappler from Noah but Faustino's regenerating Zombie looked like a good blocker. He might have been if Noah didn't have a Scorching Lava and extra mana for the kicker. Faustino then went into gating mode playing an Arctic Merfolk and bouncing it to play a Molting Harpy. The Grappler had to stay at home, once again, and Noah took a long moment to figure out how he was going to get out of this mess. He sent the Grappler in, Manuel blocked, Noah used a Harrow to find his first two swamps and Manuel bounced the Harpy.

Faustino shifted up a gear by playing a Faerie Squadron (with kicker) to start attacking. Noah played a Kavu Runner that was promptly bounced back with a Hunting Drake. His next creature not only stuck around but comes out fast: a Serpentine Kavu with haste. Faustino swung and dropped a Vodalian Serpent (with kicker). Noah counted the life totals and screamed with joy. He used an Agonizing Demise and swung for the final four points with the Serpentine Kavu.

Final result: Noah Boeken 2 - 1 Manuel Faustino

At the end of the round, Noah said he was sorry for his small outburst and they talked a bit about their decks and a few match situations.

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