Quarterfinals: Martin Jůza vs. Andreas Canavati

Posted in Event Coverage on February 2, 2015

By Josh Bennett

These two had both faced an uphill battle in the Swiss, but fought hard to earn their spot in the Top 8.

The Players

It’s only the inability to be in two places at once that keeps Martin Jůza from attending every Grand Prix in a given year. He’s put up GP Top 8’s on five continents, and been crowned Champion on three. His back was to the wall early on Day 1, but then he started winning and found he couldn’t stop. His Top 8 deck is an exciting Red-White Aggro deck, super low on the curve.

You’d have to cast Canavati as the underdog here. This is just his first big finish. What he lacks in experience, he more than makes up for in heart. He drafted a sweet Sultai deck packed with delve enablers.

The Games

Jůza’s deck didn’t blaze out of the gates as designed. He rolled out three mountains and a morph. Canavati played Write Into Being and was happy to trade. That gave him two cards in the graveyard for a turn-four Sultai Scavenger. Jůza still hadn’t found a plains and could only play Leaping Master. Canavati brought down Sultai Soothsayer.

Jůza finally found a plains for Alabaster Kirin, but now Canavati’s deck was humming. Sultai Skullkeeper powered out Tasigur, the Golden Fang. Jůza tried to battle back but was too far on the back foot and tight on mana. Sultai Charm made things that much worse, and soon Jůza was shuffling for game two.

Canavati 1 – Jůza 0

Jůza had to send back his opening seven and glowered at his six. He chose to keep and they were off. His Burning Efreet was matched by Wetland Sambar from Canavati, and he missed his third land drop. With a sigh he traded and played out a face-up Horde Ambusher. Canavati went overhead with Jeskai Windscout and solidified the ground with Sultai Skullhunter.

Jůza hit his third land, but not the plains he needed. He played Act of Treason for damage, but the writing was on the wall. Canavati summoned Sultai Scavenger. Jůza bricked on his next draw, and offered the hand.

The Aftermath

“You’re one of my favorite players. I wish we’d had better games.” – Andreas Canavati

“Thanks, it happens. Good luck.” – Martin Jůza

There was little else to say.

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