Quarterfinals: Masahiko Morita vs. Osamu Fujita

Posted in Event Coverage on July 13, 2003

By Brian David-Marshall

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Morita Masahiko has made nearly as many Grand Prix: Top 8s as Tsuyoshi Fujita including two different team events—once as a member of Poor Shark and again as a member of PS 2. He has played his Wake deck into another Top 8 here this weekend. His bracket consists of four Japanese players—guaranteeing at least one Japanese player in the finals.

Goblin Matron
His opponent has also had his share of success in the team format—Fujita Osamu was a member of Panzer Hunters that ground into the Masters Series. He was also on the Unluckys and the Anchans. He has one individual Top 8 prior to this—Hiroshima. He got to another one today playing a deck designed by Tsuyoshi Fujita—in fact, all three players with the deck are sitting in the feature match area for the Top 8. Osamu doesn't think his deck will be viable for much longer. The rotation of 7th Edition will cost the deck Goblin Matron and Sulfurous Springs. It's now or never for the Matron!

Game 1

Osamu mulliganed and played a turn one Prospector but attacked with it meant there was no turn two Warchief—instead it was followed by two more Prospectors. Osamu had the Warchief for his turn three and swung in for five but his opponent cleared the board with Wrath of God.

Osamu restocked with Warchief and Sparksmith and banged in for three. When he attempted a Piledriver on the next turn it was met with Counterspell but Osamu got in three more points of beats. Deep Analysis yielded a Moment's Peace to keep another Piledriver from doing lethal damage and a second Wrath cleared the board once again. Both players laughed when Osamu played his last card—another Piledriver.

Masahiko made two 4/4 angels with a Decree of Justice and attacked with them next turn. Osamu played a Warchief and attacked but when Masahiko cycled another Decree for five soldiers and blocked he conceded.

Morita Masahiko - 1 Fujita Osamu - 0

Game 2

Wrath of God
Masahiko had the turn two Compulsion but it could not block a turn three Warchief or the turn four Siege-Gang Commander that followed. He was quickly reduced to eleven life. When Osamu played a Skirk Prospector and a Goblin Matron he looked the board over and conceded. Even if he had could Wrath away Osamu's team he had to cope with the Bidding that would bring it all back with haste on the next turn.

Morita Masahiko - 1 Fujita Osamu - 1

Game 3

Osamu opened on the draw with a Prospector and it swung in for one and was followed by a Sparksmith. Masahiko cycled a Renewed Faith and sent the turn back. Osamu got the two points of lifegain back with his next attack phase but his draw was far from explosive. He added a Sledder and on the next turn his Prospector was Chastised.

On his next attack, Masahiko cycled to make a lone soldier—cannon fodder really—and took down the Sledder. Siege Gang Commander prompted a Wrath and Osamu used his Prospector's ability to do some damage despite being tapped out—he tossed two goblins at his countryman's head.

Osamu had the Patriarch's Bidding and brought back a boatload of goblins. Masahiko looked at his next card and extended the head with a laugh and a resigned shake of the head. The deck was fast, explosive and had the ability to come back from Wrath of God with authority.

Final Result: Morita Masahiko - 1 Fujita Osamu - 2

Fujita Osamu

Download Arena Decklist

Masahiko Morita

Download Arena Decklist
Artifact (2)
2 Mirari
Enchantment (5)
2 Mirari's Wake 3 Compulsion
Other (3)
3 Skyshroud Expanse
60 Cards

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