Quarterfinals: Mike Emmert vs. Todd Nery

Posted in Event Coverage on June 12, 2002

By Alex Shvartsman

Chainer's Edict
Nery is the only player in the Top 8 representing the monoblack control archetype. Emmert on the other hand, is one of the legion of Psychatog players doing well in this tournament. There are two players from Crossroad Games in the Top 8. Nery is the only Loony Toonz player to make it this far.

Game 1

Nery used Chainer's Edict to kill off a Nightscape Familiar, and Addle to take out Fact or Fiction. Another Edict dealt with the second Familiar and a third one killed Psychatog. With four swamps and Cabal Coffers in play, Nery would be able to recast them from the graveyard as well.

Probe took out Nery's Innocent Blood and Cabal Coffers, but let him keep Mirari, which he cast on the following turn. He was now in topdeck mode, hoping to take advantage of Mirari soon. Emmert on the other hand needed to play out enough lands to get the Upheaval/Psychatog combo, the only way for him to win this game.

A second Tog fell to Chainer's Edict recast from the grave, then Nery cast Addle, doubling it up via Mirari. "First blood," Emmert commented as he took a damage from Cephalid Coliseum while countering both of them. Another Addle a turn later drew a counter and its other copy took out a third Psychatog, with a fourth being in Emmert's hand as well. A few turns later, Nery was able to double-cast Mind Sludge, getting rid of his opponent's entire hand, including his last Psychatog and one of the Upheavals. As there was a single Possessed Aven in Emmert's deck, he was not ready to concede. He did, however, scoop to Haunting Echoes cast by his opponent a turn later.


In: Haunting Echoes, Phyrexian Arena, Mind Sludge
Out: 3 Mutilate

In: 3 Deep Analysis
Out: 3 Repulse

Game 2

Phyrexian Arena
Nery cast two Phyrexian Arenas in a row, with the second one resolving. Emmert could not counter it, but did cast Fact or Fiction at the end of that turn, taking advantage of his own sources of card economy. He picked up a Duress and two lands then used the Duress to take out a Diabolic Tutor. Nery reciprocated with a Duress, taking Circular Logic over Upheaval, and seeing some lands, Possessed Aven, and Nightscape Familiar.

Emmert was forced to cast Upheaval at six mana, as Nery cast Diabolic Tutor the turn before, and Emmert could be fairly sure that he went for Mind Sludge. Emmert went for the beatdown strategy, getting a few points in with a Nightscape Familiar and using it to help cast a turn 3 Possessed Aven, before it fell to the re-cast Engineered Plague. He then cast Psychatog and attacked with the Aven, bringing Nery down to thirteen.

Unable to stop both creatures that turn, Nery knew that Emmert would be able to win by pumping his Psychatog on the next attack, and conceded the game.

Game 3

Nery mulliganed away a hand of five lands and two Edicts, but his new hand featured five lands and a Diabolic Tutor. Emmert was stuck on two mana for several turns, but the mana heavy draw of Nery's could not punish him. Emmert started drawing sufficient quantities of land over the next few turns, while Nery's gave him entirely too many. Nery's deck ran into the problem common for this archetype – it began to mana-flood heavily, and without Arena he could not draw enough useful spells to take advantage of all his lands.

Emmert cast Probe with kicker, then Fact or Fiction, then another Probe. In the end, he was left with a handful of countermagic and a Psychatog, while his opponent had nothing. A few turns later, he finally set off the Upheaval/Psychatog combo.

Final Result: Emmert 2 – Nery 1

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