Quarterfinals: Mike Pustilnik vs. Ryan Fuller

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By Wizards of the Coast

Game One

Mike Pustilnik's initial draw was five land, a Nightscape Familiar, and a Sleeper's Robe, he opted to keep it hoping to get some of his missing cards back with the enchantment's ability. Ryan didn't have anything for the first two turns, but Mike didn't play the Cloak right away in case Ryan could kill the Familiar while he didn't have mana to regenerate.

Ryan played a turn three Shoreline Raider, prompting Mike to play the Sleeper's robe, but his extra draw was another land, reducing him to six land in hand. Fuller cast Recoil on the Familiar, and Mike seemed to be in serious trouble already in terms of card quality. He did draw a Rainbow Crow immediately though, although Ryan's hand was amazing - with Flametongue Kavu, and Reckless Spite, as well as Bog Down to force Mike to discard some of his remaining - land - cards in hand.

Indeed Fuller immediately cast the Flametongue Kavu to kill the Rainbow Crow. Pustilnik got some discard of his own going, when he drew a Bog Down, which he played with kicker since he had plenty of land.

This left Fuller with only a Duskwalker in his hand, but his attacking had brought Mike down to 14, and he played the Duskwalker. Mike's only spell in hand was a Hunting Drake, which of course he didn't cast because he didn't want to return the Flametongue Kavu to the top of Ryan's library.

Ryan's next attack brought Mike to 9. Pustilnik played Cursed Flesh on the Kavu, enabling his Nightscape Familiar to block and kill it. Ryan attacked with the other two creatures instead, and Mike was on 7. A Probe with kicker was Mike's next draw, but although it got rid of Ryan's second Reckless Spite, the cards that he kept from it were Phyrexian Battleflies, and Swamp - not a good Probe.

Ryan attacked Mike down to 5, played a Cavern Harpy, and then Repulsed Mike's blocker to get through lethal damage. Mike drew four land in a row at the start of the game, despite starting with only two spells. He put up a good struggle with such a poor draw, though, especially as he could use the extra land for spells such as Bog Down and discarding to Probe.

Game Two

Mike played a first turn Phyrexian Battleflies, but immediately replaced it with a Cavern Harpy. The Harpy brought Ryan down to 18, and was followed up by a Ravenous Rats, and the Battleflies again. However, Ryan had played a turn two Nightscape Familiar, and on turn three he played a Stalking Assassin.

Mike used the Harpy to attack, and then returned it to his hand. He replayed it hoping to be able to use the Ravenous Rats repeatedly to destroy Ryan's hand-size - but it was countered by Gainsay.

Then Ryan cast Bog Down. "You're the man, Ryan" commented Mike, as he discarded a Probe and a Recoil. This left him struggling to deal with the Stalking Assassin. Mike attacked and played an Urborg Drake, bringing Ryan to 14. Ryan didn't do anything in his turn, waiting to kill the Urborg Drake when it attacked - as it was forced to do so.

Mike attacked once again with all his creatures, bringing Fuller to 10 but losing his Urborg Drake in the process. On his next turn, Ryan enchanted the Familiar with a Sinister Strength, attacked for the first time so far this game, and killed another creature.

Mike drew only land on his next turn, and Ryan cast Ravenous Rat, Exotic Curse on the Familiar, and Pustilnik decided to chump block the 4/2 Familiar with his own Rat. Mike didn't draw anything that could deal with the Assassin, and died quickly to the Familiar.

Mike's draw that game was pretty good, but Ryan had the right answer at every stage - with a Gainsay for the Cavern Harpy, and a Bog Down the turn before Mike would have cast a Probe.

Final Result: Ryan Fuller defeats Mike Pustilnik 2 - 0

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