Quarterfinals - Mike Turian vs. David Rood

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By Jeff Fung

Hello everyone! I'm here to give all of you the Grand Prix: Montreal quarter-final match report between Mike Turian and David Rood. Hope you enjoy!

Mike Turian has become a well recognized icon on the Pro Tour with numerous top finishes from the past to present, while David Rood is an up and comer with no top finishes to my knowledge. Still, I thought David had a good chance because I've seen him play, and I found out that this kid has a well polished game. THAT IS until I saw the contents of both players decks (the match-up was a red/green on red/green mirror) and I found out that Mike's deck was far superior! Apparently David had a rough draft because the people around him were unclear at times what colours they wanted to play. So in the end, David's key cards in this match-up were his two Squirrel Nests, hopefully they could buy him time from Mike's onslaught of bombs - which included Kamahl, Pit Fighter, Shower of Coals, Savage Firecat and Nantuko Mentor. Well, on to the slaughter!

David won the die roll and decided to start things out with a mulligan and was still very visually displeased with his six card hand but kept it anyways. Mike showed me his grip and it looked like a loser as it contained only one land with no relatively cheap spells but to my surprise Mike decided to keep it! Early game consisted of lands coming from both players, (yes, Mike top decked a second land) until David played a turn three Nantuko Elder, making sure he would not be mana hosed. Then Dave looked in half decent shape as he played a Springing Tiger and a Nantuko Disciple in the following turns. But things took a quick turn for the worse as Turian easily delt with these threats with his numerous combat tricks and burn spells. Turian had ripped lots of land now from his deck and began laying very savage beatings, when the slappings began, Mike's hand consisted of Shower of Coals and Kamahl and by the end of the unfairness, Mike still had the Shower of Coals, it was just that easy! The only damage Turian took was from a single squirrel token hit and a Blazing Salvo "domeshot". Game one to Mike Turian.

If you wanna read about something different, well my friends, I suggest leaving. But if you enjoy reading about filthy filthy beatings, come along for the ride "mon ami"! (That's French for "my friend" for those of you who don't understand this beautiful language)

No one mulliganed in game two and both players started out fast, Dave with two squirrel tokens and Mike with Wild Mongrel. Mid-game Dave played the Squirrel Nest he needed to "attempt" for a longer extended game, but things just weren't to be for poor old Dave. After the Mongrel, Mike summoned a Ember Beast, swiftly behind was a Pardic Firecat and smoothly topped out with a Rabid Elephant. A demoralized David was forced to throw creatures in front of Mike's just to stay undead and when he ever did try to get Mike's creatures to die Mike would easily have the answer. A Sylvan Might with the Flashback put David out of his misery, simply put, David Rood got "Potatonized"!

Sorry my report wasn't very long folks, thanks for reading the most lopsided match in the history of Magic: the Gathering.

Mike Turian 2 - David Rood 0

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