Quarterfinals - Peter Szigeti vs. Louis Boileau

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By Alex Borteh

This match features two Grand Prix bad boys, facing off in the quarterfinals of one of the first large scale tournaments of the Odyssey block limited season. Peter Szigeti, known by most as PTR, already has one GP win under his belt, and is looking to add another to his growing resume. Louis Boileau, a Canadian, and as such hometown hero, has also had some GP success before, and would love to take home a win in his native country. Although this is only Louis' second GP, it also makes his second GP top 8! Boileau's deck featured a number of quality black and white cards. He had drafted a Hallowed Healer, multiple Kirtar's Desires, two Morbid Hungers, as well as a Cabal Patriarch. To make things worse for his opponent, Louis also had a variety of ways to return the Patriarch from the graveyard, including two Gravediggers, a Zombify, and a Morgue Theft. The 5/5 black monster is already very difficult to deal with in the first place, and dealing with it more than once is almost impossible for Szigeti's deck. PTR drafted a very powerful blue/black deck. He drafted quite a bit of manipulation and removal. In fact, he had so many ways to draw cards, that he played only fifteen land. His deck included three Cephalid Looters, a Morbid Hunger, a Patriarch's Desire, and 2 Ghastly Demises. As good as PTR's deck ended up, the matchup was definetly in Boileau's favor.

Game 1:

Game one started out with both players having mana problems. PTR was definetly regretting only playing fifteen land as he frantically Peeked and Words of Wisdomed into some land. Meanwhile, Boileau was also struggling. He was able to muster a Whispering Shade (powerful because of it's swampwalk ability in this matchup), but only one swamp to fuel it with. PTR began racing Boileau with an Imp, all the while casting powerful flyers, causing Boileau to halt his offense to Kirtar's Desire them. PTR began attacking with his imp and a Cephalid Scout, while a Kirtar's Desired Pulsating Illusion and Aven Windreader were forced to watch from the sidelines. Meanwhile, Boileau kept recurring his Whispering Shade into play with Gravediggers and Zombify while PTR struggled to finally destroy the threat w/ Patriarch's Desire and Afflict. Boileau was on the ropes during the entire game, and was forced to Morbid Hunger Szigeti to gain some life. Meanwhile, PTR began an all out assault with his Merfolk Looters and a Dreamwinder against Boileau's Aven Flock. Boileau killed a Looter, untapped, played a land, and payed the flashback on Morbid Hunger to kill Szigeti's Dreamwinder in an attempt to stabilize the board. PTR played out a Zombie Assassin and passed the turn. Boileau showed another Morbid Hunger to take out the Assassin, and Szigeti seemed dissapointed as Boileau was now well out of range. PTR was forced to pass the turn again only to see Boileau play two creautes. PTR again drew nothing and fell to another flashbacked Morbid Hunger and some attacks from Boileau.

Game 2:

Szigeti is playing first this game, and opens up with a Cephalid Scout. He passes the turn, then draws again on his turn only to miss his third land drop. Boileau plays out Resilient Wanderer, and PTR knows he's really in trouble. PTR draws, and once again fails to draw a land, however, this time he does draw peek, and casts it hoping to draw a land. PTR's hopes sunk as Boileau's hand was revealed. It contained a near perfect draw with a Morbid Hunger, a Whispering Shade, Cabal Patriarch, and mana to cast them all. "Hey, this one's not looking too good!" said a dejected PTR as he failed to play yet another land. PTR finally did manage to draw a third land via a Predict, but it was MUCH too little MUCH too late. PTR extended the hand, and a happy Louis Boileau was on his way to the Semifinals.

Louis Boileau 2 - Peter Szigeti 0

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