Quarterfinals Report: Eduardo Sella (BRA) v. Victor Galimbertti (BRA)

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By Josh Bennett

Two of Brazil's finest squared off in what would probably be the quarterfinals' fastest match. Eduardo Sella came to the LAC with the consensus "Best Deck", Fires, and won more than a few matches based on its ability to draw a near-unbeatable hand. His opponent, Victor Galimbertti, played a Ponza deck featuring Mogg Sentry and four maindeck Blood Oaths. Though he was mono-red, he managed to beat Story Circle: Red twice during the swiss portion of the tournament.

Both players mullianed, and kept their six-card hands. Galimbertti led with a Mogg Sentry, and both players passed two turns tieing up the other's mana with Rishadan Port. Unbelievably, both players had three Ports in play by Turn 4. When Sella tried to Port Galimbertti on Turn 5, he responded with Blood Oath for creatures. Sella took six, but showed Galimbertti the pain to come. His hand held Saproling Burst and the Karplusan Forest that would put it into play.

Sella made two Saprolings at the end of Galimbertti's turn. After he drew his card, Galimbertti cast another Blood Oath, this time for creatures, hitting two and knocking Sella to five. It didn't stop him from taking eight from the tokens, or prevent Shivan Wurm's gating in via a token. It was going to be a photo finish.

Galimbertti made a second Mogg Sentry and held back, chumping to prevent the damage from the lone token, dropping to five himself. Sella Ported his only mountain during his upkeep and he responded with Shock. However, not even the Skizzik in hand could take the game for him, because he knew Sella held Urza's Rage. Galimbertti scooped.

Galimbertti shook his head as he packed away his opening hand for Game 2. He frowned at the next six he drew, but chose to keep. He opened with mountain, but missed his second land drop. Sella Ported him, but he found a second land, laughing as he cast the Seal of Fire he forgot to play earlier. He followed it up with a second.

Still, he was staring down a Saproling Burst by the time he found a third land. He Stone Rained valiantly. Sella thanked him for his trouble by making two tokens at the end of his turn. Insult was added to injury with a Thunderscape Battlemage, forcing Galimbertti to discard Shock and Skizzik.

Galimbertti Stone Rained again, and before Sella could bring more beats, he removed Cave-In from the game to cast Cave-In. His twin Seals took care of the Burst tokens. Amazingly, that gave him some breathing space, as Sella was short on offence. He played a Dust Bowl, and after Sella brought out a Yavimaya Barbarian, destroyed his lone remaining green source, a Karplusan Forest. The Barbarian soon met an Urza's Rage.

Stabilizing at five, Galimbertti was fortunate that Sella could play only Fires of Yavimaya each time he drew a green source. He destroyed both lands immediately, and then played a Blood Oath, naming creatures. He hit four. Suddenly, Sella was at two. Galimbertti untapped and showed him an Urza's Rage.

Galimbertti could not believe his fortune, having to mulligan a third time consecutively. Sella liked his hand, and kept. He led with Llanowar Elf, which was Shocked, and replaced it with a second. Galimbertti made motions suggesting he would Cave-In, but eventually thought better of it.

Sella missed his third land drop, but had a Port to keep Galimbertti off his paces. He found his forest a turn later, but had to settle for adding a Yavimaya Barbarian to the table. Galimbertti played Stone Rain on his Port and passed the turn back. Sella played Fires.

Galimbertti played Tangle Wire, taking further advantage of Sella's mana troubles. He shocked his Elf, but Fires rescued it. Sella drew another land. Galimbertti was ready with another Stone Rain. As Wire wound down to one counter, he finally chose to Cave-In pitching Tahngarth, leaving Sella with just two forests in play.

Then he made his move. A Blood Oath for creatures hit four of them. Skizzik sealed the deal.

Game 4 got underway without incident. Sella had a great opening of Elf and Fires, but Galimbertti disrupted it with Kris Mage. Sella sacrificed the Fires to keep his Elf alive, and brought out the big guns: Blastoderm.

Galimbertti was definitely fazed. He played Stone Rain and took a bite for five. Sella added an Elf and Birds of Paradise to his team, but had no fourth land. Galimbertti brought the Rain again, and his Kris Mage shot the Birds.

Sella drew and played a Port, and his beast struck again. He held his Elf back to Port Galimbertti during his upkeep. Galimbertti responded by shooting down the Elf. He then tapped out for Tangle Wire, locking Sella.

Sella struggled under the Wire. His Blastoderm faded away, making it harder for him to free himself. Galimbertti visited with the Kris Mage and made a pair of Seals, one of which took down Sella's second Birds. Just as the Wire ran out of counters, Galimbertti replaced it with a second.

Another Birds met a Shock, and Galimbertti made a second Mage, as well as a third Tangle Wire. Though his beatdown was sluggish, he soon had a Rishadan Port and a Dust Bowl keeping Sella under wraps. When he played his second Port, Sella shook his head in amazement, and extended the hand.

Victor Galimbertti defeats Eduardo Sella 3-1

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