Quarterfinals: Rogier Maaten vs Frank Karsten

Posted in Event Coverage on April 27, 2003

By Frank Wareman

Frank is a well known player from the PTs. He also plays in some team. Frank is known for his love of big game, but for some reason he has only two fatties in his deck now, with a 3rd in sideboard. Rogier has an UG deck which is built around threshold. We finally are ready to start and it is Frank woho begins.

Game 1

Frank decides that he won't be needing all 7 cards to win and takes a mulligan. Rogier thinks it will be fair if he too take a mulligan. And so we start…
Nothing much happening, both players taking it easy. The first card is a Diabolic Tutor at Frank's side. Rogier answers that with a Deep analysis. Frank plays a Visara on his 5th turn. Rogier is looking for some answers and flashes his analysis. A wild mongrol enters play and Frank is next. The Visara gets an unsummon and Frank is forced to let Rogier discard a Roar with his Duress. Visara returns again and Rogier is next. He needs a Wonder to manage the Visara beatings; he's at 13 due to his searchlands and the analysis, while Frank is comfortably at 20. Frank makes a Undead Gladiator. Rogier flashes a roar, but the wurm has a short life due to the Visara. The Gladiator brings Rogier to 10, but nothing more happening. Rogier found 8 lands so far and can't be to happy with that. This leaves the Rootwalla, joined by his brother and a Nimble Mongoose against the Visara, Rogier at 10, Frank on 20. Things are not looking good for Rogier. Frank crushes this army and a Gladiator is returned from the grave. A new Nimble Mongoose has to block the visara after Frank gets an Corrupt with his Tutor. Rogier scoops on his turn.

Rogier 0 – Frank 1

Game 2

Rogier Sideboards 7 cards out (in compost, counterspell, bearscape and upheaval), while Frank takes out 5 (in 4 shade, visara).
Frank is still determinded to begin with 6 cards after the success of the last game. Rogier will keep his seven and begins. Turn one starts with Nimble Mongoose and Duress on the other side. We see a all creature hand with lands. Wild Mongrol comes on two for Rogier, which is smothered. On the third turn a mogrol and another mongoose is added, which will do some damage to Frank. Frank misses on Swamp and makes a coffers, trying to figure out how to win. A shade will help some. The team attacks and puts Frank at 12, followed by a Phantom Centaur. Frank still has problems with his swamps. Rogier'sd team attacks and puts Frank on 4. Rogier even has a Roar, and Frank scoops…

Rogier 1 – Frank 1

Game 3

Frank begins and stops with the mulligan plan. Turn 1 makes a rootwalla for Rogier that has to be edicted. Rogier makes a bearscape in his 3rd. Frank answers with a tutor with which he'll find an answer. A shade isn't allowed by the logic. Next attempt of Frank is a Visara. This legend gets unsummoned and two bears are awakened. Visara comes again and another two bears appear… Visara takes out 1 and Frank is at 10 life. With 2 bears left and an empty graveyard it seems like it's going good for Frank. Rogier does nothing in his turn and another bear dies. Frank plays in his turn 2 corrupts for 7, but one gets counterspelled. Visara attacks and that makes Rogier at 6 and Frank at 17. Next the bear attacks and again nothing for Rogier. Haunting Echoes finds all counterspells in Rogier's deck and Visara takes Rogier to 1 and Frank is on 13. Rogier has a nice trick in his turn which is Upheaval, floating 1 mana. The mana is used for a Compost and Frank takes 2 manaburn for his floating for Smother. Rogier then makes a Mongrol. Bearscape doesn't return due to Duress, but gives Rogier a card. Frank goes to 7 from an attacking Mongrol. Frank attemps to smother the mongrol, but sees counterspell. In his turn he makes a shade, which is allowed. Rogier topdecks a Wonder which will give Frank some pain. The mongrol does 7 damage and Rogier even has a Logic backup.

Rogier 2 – Frank 1

Game 4

Frank starts and there are no mulligans. Frank starts with a turn 2 Shade, and Rogier sets an Mongrol opposite. The Mongrol chokes on Smother, but squeezes out a rootwalla. The rootwalla does 3 in Rogier's turn and this makes it the fourth for Frank. Frank doesn't have duress and so has to ask what Rogier has in his hands. Rogier isn't very cooperative and Frank just gets a “6”. Tutor fetches a card for Frank and Rogier is next. Rootwalla puts Frank on 16 and Rogier smacks down a Centaur. Visara is back again, and we quickly go to Rogier's turn. Frank has to recast the Visara after Unsummon and Rogier hits for 6. Duress is first for Frank and takes a circular logic. Shade is still there and attacks, Visara is back, Frank at 10 and Rogier at 11. Frank is still facing the centaur and a rootwalla. Centaur attacks and puts Frank at 5. Wonder is added and Frank is next to figure out how to win best…
Frank attacks with a lethal Shade and a fat Visara. Wonder lies in front of visara, Shade isn't blocked which indicates a unsummon. Unsummon deals with a 5/4 shade, but Frank answers with Corrupt for six on the rootwalla. This sets Frank at 11, Rogier still on 11. On Rogier's turn Frank is put back on 6, but no more. Frank taps the Visara for 5 damage in his turn and plays the shade again. Rogier makes another Centaur in his turn and puts Frank at 1. Frank has a mutilate in his turn and both centaurs disappear into the grave. The shade survives this and does 3. Rogier doesn't draw anything usefull on his turn and scoops to the shade.

Rogier 2 - Frank 2

Game 5

Again no mulligan, however the first carefull study arrives for Rogier and makes a Rootwalla. Mongrol is added on the second and puts Frank at 14 on the third. Still nothing much on Frank's side. Frank goes into his fourth with 9 life and plays mutilate. Rogier however has Circular Logic. Things are looking bad for Frank. The Centaur arrives too to do the hard work. Frank has another mutilate, however Rogier has another circular Logic. This is it for Frank and Rogier is off to play the next round.

Rogier 3 - Frank 2

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