Quarterfinals - Ronald Be vs Dan Lanthier

Posted in Event Coverage on August 21, 2011

By Josh Bennett

Be had to ship his opening hand, and Lanthier did the same. Their sixes were acceptable, and the match began.

Be started by fetching a mountain. Lanthier fetched island, and began sculpting his hand with Preordain, denying both cards. Be fetched again on turn two and played Immolating Souleater. Lanthier played Halimar Depths and passed. Be hit with Souleater, pumping thrice with his mana, and then spending a further twelve life. Lanthier calmly showed him a backbreaking Twisted Image.

Dan Lanthier

Lanthier untapped and laid Spellskite off a mountain. Be played his fourth land and summoned Hero of Oxid Ridge. The attack brought Lanthier down to twelve. Lanthier Pondered and shuffled. Next came Halimar Depths. He looked at the three cards with a frown, set them, and passed the turn back to Be. Be went to attack, and Lanthier sent the Hero home with an unkicked Into the Roil. He blocked with Spellskite. Be spent four life and a mana to get rid of it, then replayed his Hero.

Lanthier was in a pickle. He played Arid Mesa for a mountain, then Preordained. Be sent his squad and tapped out, trying for the kill. Lanthier played Deceiver Exarch, untapped an island, and played Into the Roil on the Souleater. He showed Be the Splinter Twin, and they were on to Game 2.

Lanthier 1 - Be 0

This game Be started off right, with Goblin Guide. Unfortunately for him, Lanthier had Mental Misstep at the ready. He played island and Pondered, choosing to shuffle. Be got in for a quick four with a second Guide and Teetering Peaks. Lanthier put out a Spellskite.

Be swung in, and after Lanthier blocked, he cast Lightning Bolt. Lanthier tried to save with Mutagenic Growth, but Be had a second Bolt, killing the Spellskite and saving his Guide. Lanthier played out a Shrine of Piercing Vision. Be dropped another Peaks, and though the Guide gave Lanthier an Arid Mesa, he was already down to eight.

Ronald Be

Lanthier played his fourth land and passed. Be was stalled on three land, and hit again with the Guide. A kicked Into the Roil sent it packing. Be replaced it with Chandra's Phoenix. Lanthier Pyroclasmed it away and played a second Shrine, leaving an island untapped. Be threw down two Guides and charged in. Lanthier was down two four.

He dug with Preordain and Ponder, shuffling everything away. Be moved to attack with his Guides, and Lanthier tapped one with Deceiver Exarch. Be tried to Combust it, but Mutagenic Growth made the save, but left Lanthier at two. Be was happy to trade his Guide for the Exarch, and did so. Lanthier drew his next card, then conceded.

Lanthier 1 - Be 1

Lanthier kicked off with Halimar Depths. Be fetched a mountain and got to stick his Goblin Guide, knocking Lantheir to eighteen. Lanthier untapped and Pondered, choosing not to shuffle. Be played Teetering Peaks and hit again, giving Lanthier a free land. He fetched away a dud card from the Ponder, and was down to thirteen.

He untapped and Pyroclasmed. Be replaced the Guide with Kargan Dragonlord and levelled up once. Lanthier passed on four lands and took two from the incoming Dragonlord. At end of turn, he played Deceiver Exarch, tapping a land and leaving Be with three mana free. He tapped four for Splinter Twin, and breathed a sigh of relief when Be tapped out for Act of Aggression. He tapped his last mana for Dispel, and he was on to the semifinals.

Dan Lanthier defeats Ronald Be 2-1

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