Quarterfinals Roundup – Korey Age vs. Tom Martell and Jason Ford vs. Chris Gosselin

Posted in Event Coverage on August 1, 2010

By Nate Price

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Korey Age vs. Tom Martell

Tom Martell

Both players spent their first turn doing a little searching, Ponder for Age and Brainstorm for Martell. When he got his head out of the clouds, Martell dropped a second-turn Counterbalance. A blind activation on a Lotus Petal yielded a land, keeping Age at bay. Martell found a Sensei's Divining Top soon there after to try and assemble the combo. Age was ready with a Force of Will, but Martell had a Counterspell to ensure it hit play.

A Wipe Away from Age threatened to clear the way by removing the Counterbalance. Martel, who had just stacked his deck knew he didn't have a three drop on top for a Counterbalance trigger, so he just picked the enchantment up. When Age tried to go for a Show and Tell in the vacuum, Martel stopped him with a Counterspell.

At this point, Tarmogoyf began the beats. A 4/5 beater kept turning sideways under the watchful eye of a freshly recast Counterspell. A couple of turns later, after having two of his spells stopped at the hands of Counterbalance and Top, Age went for one more Show and Tell. Martell revealed an Oblivion ring with his Counterbalance, and Age conceded.

Korey Age 0 – Tom Martell 1

Korey Age

On the second turn of the second game, Martell tried to drop a Counterbalance into play. It met a Red Elemental Blast, which met a Force of Will, which met a Daze, which met a shrug from Martell. All four spells hit the graveyard. Martell followed that up with a Tarmogoyf, and the green monster began to eat away at Age's life. A turn later, during Age's draw step, Martell aimed a Vendilion Clique at him. Force of Will kept some secrets, but dropped Age to two cards. One of them was Sneak Attack, but Martell had a Krosan Grip ready for it. The next two turns were elementary for Martell, who just turned his 6/7 Tarmogoyf sideways twice to kill Age and advance to the semifinals.

Korey Age 0 – Tom Martell 2

Jason Ford vs. Chris Gosselin

Gosselin started his quarterfinals match with a mulligan. When Ford tried for a Standstill on the second turn, Gosselin stopped it with a Spell Pierce. Unfortunately, this left him with no answer to the second one played on the following turn. Under the cover of a Standstill, Ford's Mishra's Factory began to attack. Rather than simply take the beats, Gosselin brought an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn to Show and Tell. All Ford had was a lousy Underground Sea. The massive monster wouldn't even see an untap, though. Ford quickly dispatched it with an Innocent Blood.

After hiding a card away under a Shelldock Isle, Gosselin was forced to find an answer to a Jace, the Mind Sculptor. His Brainstorm found him no help, and the mighty planeswalker hit play. It immediately went to work fatesealing Ford, keeping the cards on top. He was clearly going for a win via Jace's ultimate.

Chris Gosselin

Gosselin tried to set things up with a Sensei's Divining Top, but a Counterspell stopped it. Force of Will stopped a Doomsday, and it seemed Gosselin was running out of time, and fast. A fateseal stole a Stifle from Gosselin, making sure that the ultimate would go off without a hitch.

In order to protect himself from whatever Gosselin had hidden under his Shelldock Isle, Ford brought back a Life from the Loam to get a couple of Wastelands out of his graveyard. With the Isle removed, he could ultimate with impunity. Rather than force Ford to go through the motions, Gosselin just conceded.

Jason Ford 1 – Chris Gosselin 0

Both players had staples for their decks in their opening draws. Gosselin had a Sensei's Divining Top, while Ford had a Standstill. In response to the Standstill, Gosselin cracked his Marsh Flats and tried to fish for a new set of three cards.

"I just put these back," he exclaimed after receiving his deck back after a cut.

"It was that Asian Ninja Cut. You never stood a chance," Ford smiled.

After the Standstill resolved, Ford went to work building his mana. A few turns of land-go prompted Gosselin to ask, "You really did this all day?" With a hand full of counters, Ford felt comfortable enough to start sending his Mishra's Factory. Gosselin's life started decreasing slowly by twos. Gosselin, still bitter about losing his Shelldock Isle last game, broke the Standstill with an Extirpate on Wasteland. Upon seeing Ford's hand, he sighed.

"I know; it's a little obnoxious."

Two Counterspells, two Cunning Wishes, two Innocent Bloods, two Brainstorms, a Life from the Loam, and a Force of Will are a little more than what I'd call obnoxious. Still, over the next couple of turns, Gosselin began the arduous process of removing answers from Ford's hand. After fishing out a Counterspell with a Thoughtseize, he went for the Doomsday. Ford tried to stop it with a Force of Will. Gosselin had a Force of his own, and the powerful black sorcery resolved.

Jason Ford

A library of Spell Pierce, Shelldock Isle, Emrakul, Cloud of Faeries, and Solitary Confinement joined a hand of Shared Fate and Spell Pierce as Gosselin's last seven cards. Ford dropped a Standstill and sent the turn. As the next couple of turns passed, Ford saw his chance. At the end of one of Gosselin's turns, Ford cast a Cunning Wish. This popped the Standstill, forcing Gosselin to draw three cards, which would kill him. In response, Gosselin had a Spell Pierce to retrigger the Standstill, sending the cards the other way. Ford was ready with a Brainstorm to send the cards back at Gosselin. Gosselin had one last hope, a Brainstorm of his own, to send keep himself from decking. Unfortunately, Ford had one more copy of Brainstorm to send three cards Gosselin's way, killing him during his end step.

Jason Ford 2 – Chris Gosselin 0

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