Quarterfinals: Stephan Meyer vs. Konrad Zawadzki

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By Viet Van

Stephan Meyer

Stephan played an aggressive RG deck with fast and effective creatures in the format, while his opponent, Konrad, tried a more controll oriented BUr.

The players were very quiet during the whole match, there was no usual players' chitchat. You could only hear "I attack/block with these", "no block" and rarely some small other comments.

Game 1

Stephan kicked off the game playing out the Skyshooter on turn two, and could start dealing some initial damages with it. Konrad on the other hand played out a turn three Cephalid Scout.

Konrad powered up his force with the Minotaur Explorer and one of his three Nantuko Disciples. The protection from green Treetop Sentinel from Konrad's side does not help him much in this situation as he got beaten up by the Explorer. The Minotaur powered by the Disciple is a nightmare for any slow deck. During the first attack of the Minotaur, Konrad decided not to block it. That decision got him down to eleven lives as Stephan decided to use both the Disciple and a Muscle Burst in his hand to speed up the damage race.

Konrad Zawadzki

The Patriarch's Desire from Konrad was played during his turn to take away the annoying Disciple, and he managed to produce an Escape Artist to slow down the damage. However, Stephan drew the Springing Tiger and his next two of his Muscle Burst, which proved to be too much for the Polish. Zawadzki managed to stay in the game for two more turns, but eventually could no longer hold off the savage attack from the German's side.

The first game was all about Muscle Bursting your opponent to death.
Meyer 1 - Zawadzki 0

Game 2

This game started off a bit slower than the first one, with Stephan's turn two played was directly killed by a direct damage. Konrad produced a Dirty Wererat and a Cephalid Broker while his opponent played two Nantuko Disciples on turn four and five.

The two players traded damages for a couple of turn. The third Disciple from Stephan was however countered. Both of his Disciples were killed by direct damage. A certain Chainflinger actually made it into play, shot down the Cephalid Scout, but eventually got killed as he could no longer afford taking damage from Konrad's attacking creatures.

Konrad managed now to get threshold, which powered his Wererat to be a 5/5 creature. Realised the hopeless situation, Stephan scooped.

Meyer 1 - Zawadzki 1

Game 3

The final game started with a mulligan from Konrad. The first play of this game was the Krosan Avenger from Stephan's side. Konrad managed to produce Barbarian Lunatic and the Treetop Sentinel. That proved to be not enough to stop the aggressive nature of Meyer's creatures, Dwarven Strike Force, Springing Tiger, and the above-mentioned Avenger.

The damage race was on, but proved to be in Stephan's favour as he had a better force of creatures. The Childhood Horror and a Cephalid Broker entered played on Konrad's side just to suffer the horror dead of being smaller creatures during combat. The Cephalid got activated once but the cards Konrad got for that could not help him to clear the situation.

At the second last turn of the match, Stephan made it mistake of misjudging the Acceptable Losses as an instant. Had he played that before combat, the game had ended one turn earlier. But this mistake did not change the outcome of the match as Stephan's raw creature power proved too much for the Pole.

The match ended as a victory for Meyer. His deck could be a defining archetype of Odyssey Block Constructed. With his aggressive playing style and a deck that fit him so well, Meyer could join the list of very few players who managed to win both the Grand Prix and taking the top spot of Amateur payout as well.

Final Result: Meyer 2 - Zawadzki 1

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