Quarterfinals: Taufik Indrakesuma vs Yuuta Takahashi

Posted in Event Coverage on July 14, 2010

By QJ Wong

Takahashi won the dice roll but quickly sent his opening 7 for a fresh 6, while Indrakesuma kept his opening hand. Takahashi led off the match with a Putrid Leech while Indrakesuma spent his time setting up his combo with a Halimar Depths and a Khalni Garden. Takahashi attempted to take 4 off Indrakesuma as he gave his Putrid Leech +2/+2 but it was returned into his hand by Indrakesuma's Into the Roil, forcing Takahashi to re-summon it.

Indrakesuma then followed it up with a Jace, the Mind Sculptor, which allowed him to Brainstorm for free. Not taking any chances, Takahashi killed Indrakesuma's Plant token with a Lightning Bolt while his pumped Putrid Leech killed off Jace, before summoning a second Putrid Leech.

Indrakesuma had a second Jace however, and after another virtual Brainstorm, he played a Khalni Garden that gave him another Plant token. Takahashi killed off the Plant with a Maelstrom Pulse this time, and once again, killed Indrakesuma's Jace with a pumped Putrid Leech while the second Putrid Leech was also pumped to take 4 off Indrakesuma.

A 3rd Khalni Garden however, spelled doom for Takahashi as Indrakesuma cast Polymorph on his Plant token, which brought in an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn into the battlefield, and all Takahashi could do was scoop up his cards and start side-boarding.

Indrakesuma 1 – Takahashi 0

Takahashi quickly chose to keep his opening 7 while Indrakesuma had to take a mulligan. Takahashi went first but Indrakesuma got the game going with a Ponder as he chose to shuffle his library before drawing from the spell. A second turn Duress from Takahashi revealed Indrakesuma's hand of

2x Into the Roil,

Awakening Zone,


Island and

Misty Rainforest.

Takahashi forced Indrakesuma to discard his Awakening Zone while a second Duress the turn after revealed a freshly drawn Deprive in addition to the cards before, with the Deprive being the card discarded this time.

Indrakesuma then cast a top-decked Awakening Zone, which drew a cringe from Takahashi. After considering his options Takahashi cast a Mind Rot, which forced Indrakesuma to discard 2 copies of his Into the Roil and played a land that entered the battlefield tapped, which left him with no untapped mana sources. Knowing that there's nothing Takahashi could do to stop his combo, Indrakesuma could only grin widely as he showed Takahashi the Polymorph he just drew off the top of the deck that forced Takahashi to scoop up his cards in clear frustration.

Indrakesuma 2 – Takahashi 0

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