Quick Hits #3

Posted in Event Coverage on December 1, 2013

By Josh Bennett

Do you have a favourite niche archetype in Theros draft?

Robert Smith, GP Seattle 2012 Champ — “Mono-red with 14 land and 3-4 Dragon Mantles. Play as many Bronze Sables and Satyr Ramblers as you have to.“
Owen Turtenwald, Trophy Hunter — “I don't have one, I just always force Blue-Black.”


Phil Samms, Canadian Icon — “Black-Blue Tempo. Just not hyper-aggressive.”
Jamie Parke, Worlds 2008 Finalist — “Black-Green. It has the most powerful cards, but you need to draft to survive the early game.”


William Jensen, Hall of Famer — “Does blue-black count as "niche"? If not, then no.”
Alexander Hayne, Miracle Man — “Blue-Red Scrye. Flamespeaker Adept is so powerful. Aqueous Form is the card you really want, but you have access to a lot of Scry effects with Omenspeaker, Titan's Strength, Rage of Purphoros and so on.”

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