Quick Hits: Mana Over Bombs?

Posted in Event Coverage on August 29, 2012

By Jon Hickey and Nate Price

"At what point in the draft is mana fixing more important than the bombs?"

Luis Scott-Vargas: "If you're mono-red, it's not really important. There's nothing wrong with taking a second-pick dual land if you need it. Basically, I'd look at taking a mana fixing land over a mid-level pick every time until you have like two or three."
Reid Duke: "When the card is something replaceable, like another win condition. For example, if I'm going to be upgrading my Sphinx of Jwar Isle to a Frost Titan, I'd rather be upgrading my Island to an Underground Sea."
Shuhei Nakamura: "Generally, the land-taking strategy goes one of two ways: you either take no lands or you take all of the lands. I will almost always take the good card over the land, since most decks are no more than two colors, and fixing mana isn't quite as important."
Jon Finkel: "First pick, first pack."

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