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Question Eight: Knowing the Top 4, who will win PT NY 2001?

Gary Wise - "Phoenix Foundation. Kai doesn't lose on Sunday." Scott Johns - "Phoenix Foundation. Who bets against Kai?" Noah Boeken - "Phoenix Foundation. Kai doesn't lose in the playoffs."

Question Seven: Who is the most sportsmanlike player on the Pro Tour?

Zvi Mowshowitz - "Alan Comer." Gary Wise - "Andrew Cuneo." Kai Budde - "Satoshi Nakamura."

Question Six: Which Pro Tour are you looking forward to the most this year?

Mike Flores - "New York...it's in New York." Michael Pustilnik - "San Diego." Kai Budde - "Worlds."

Question Five: Who is the best player to never have a Top 8 finish in a Pro Tour?

Michael Pustilnik - "Alex Shvartsman" Nicolai Herzog - "Jens Thoren" Scott Johns - "Ben Ronaldson."

Question Four: What's the best movie you've seen lately?

Gary Wise - "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back." Mike Flores - "Made." Scott Johns - "Memento."

Question Three: What is the strongest three color combination in Invasion limited?

Michael Pustilnik - "White/Blue, and something else." Chris Pikula - "Blue/Black/Red." Kai Budde - "Blue/White/Red."

Question Two: What's the best Invasion Block Constructed deck?

Kai Budde - "Domain." Zvi Mowshowitz - "Domain." Scott Johns - "Domain."

Question One: If you could put together any three players to form the ultimate Rochester Draft team, who would they be?

Gary Wise - "Mike Turian, and two of Kamiel Cornelissen, Jon Finkel or Kai Budde...or three Mike Turians." Scott Johns - "Mike Long, Casey McCarrel, Jason Gordon." Nicolai Herzog - "Kai Budde, Jon Finkel, and the third doesn't matter."

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