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Posted in Event Coverage on March 14, 2002

By Sideboard Staff

"Do you think Japanese players have a significant home turf advantage with the Pro Tour in Japan?"

Tsuyoshi Fujita, Japan: "Yes, with no jetlag, and all the other players with jetlag, it is a bit easier."Itaru Ishida, Japan: "Yes, because it is a familiar enviroment, and allows you mentally to be more relaxed."Jin Okamoto, Japan: "Definitely, so you can sleep better!"

"What is the most underrated card in Odyssey Block Constructed?"

Tsuyoshi Fujita, Japan: "Bearscape"Jin Okamoto, Japan: "Dawn of the Dead"Tsuyoshi Ikeda, Japan: "Millikin"

"What white cards are playable in Odyssey Block Constructed?"

Brian Hegstad, USA "Wild Mongrel, when you discard a card."Kai Budde, Germany "Tireless Tribe" (just after losing to a deck with it)Steve OMS, USA: "Mystic Enforcer"

"Did the Magic Colony break the format?"

Steve OMS, USA "Absolutely NOT!"Brian Hegstad, USA "Yes, Definitely."Brian Davis, USA: "Brian Kibler has broken the format once again, and no-one is going to win a game."

"What is the most powerful card in this format?"

Brian Hegstad, USA "Compulsion"Kai Budde, Germany: "Wild Mongrel"Mike Turian, USA: "Wild Mongrel"

"What is the best thing about a Pro Tour in Japan?"

Alex Shvartsman, USA "It allows players to experience other cultures who wouldn’t in usual circumstances."Terry Tsang, Canada: "The women!"Brian Hegstad, USA: "Definitely sushi"

"What is the best color or color combination in Odyssey Block Constructed?"

Raphael Levy, France: "Blue/Green"Brian Kibler, USA: "Blue/Red/Black"Gary Wise, UK: "Monoblack or Blue/Green"

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