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Posted in Event Coverage on May 3, 2002

By Kim Eikefet

"What is the best deck in Standard right now?"

Jeff Fung: "Battle of Wits, I went 4-3 with it when I played Regionals for fun."Kamiel Cornelissen: "G/U/R, but I don't really know, because I haven't played any games with it."Jon Finkel: "Psychatog."

"Wild Mongrel or Cephalid Looter?"

Svend Geertsen: "Both? I think I would take Mongrel at a good table, because everybody likes blue."Eric Taylor: "Looter. Looter by himself can win the game."Nicolai Herzog: "Mongrel. It is just a stronger card, Looter is too easily dealt with."

"Who would you like to do a comeback on the Pro Tour?"

Tomi Walamies: "Lan D. Ho, I like the guy."Jeff Cunningham: "Brian Hacker, he is on my team for the Team Pro Tour, and that would be a good time for a comeback."Rob Dougherty: "Shawn "Hammer" Regnier. He is a New England Hero and a bunch of people really like him. Besides, he is one of the original celebrities of Magic."

"What is your favorite event location ever?"

Jeff Cunningham: "Barcelona, it was just really fun."Tomi Walamies: "Helsinki, I live there and I like the place."Olivier Ruel: "Prague. It is a really nice city, and the site was great with a great view."

"Who is the most underrated player on the Pro Tour?"

Pierre Malherbaud: "Karim Aouidad, he will be in the Pro Tour at least in Boston."Noah Boeken: "Brock Parker, he is very good but can't win."Ken Ho: "Who rates people?"

"What is the best card in Odyssey/Torment?"

Olivier Ruel: "Call of the Herd, because you can play it in any deck."Katsuhiro Mori: "Psychatog. Read the text!"Jens Thoren: "Faceless Butcher, it is simply the best creature."

"What do you think about Zvi's gambit?"

Rob Dougherty: "It is fine for players to do, but in a couple of Pro Tours, one third of the players will be wearing that, or at least enough people to look really dumb. I think the judges should treat this like signalling in drafts."Tomi Walamies: "I think that it is an ugly t-shirt."Jelger Wiegersma: "I think white is a terrible colour, so I don't think it will pay off."

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