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Posted in Event Coverage on January 17, 2003

By Ben Bleiweiss

"What's the best Type Two deck right now?"

Tsuyoshi Fujita: "Psychatog." Bob Maher: "Psychatog." Kai Budde: "Psychatog."

"Do you remember life before Magic Online?"

Nick Eisel: "Yeah. Starcraft." Dirk Baberowski: "I don't play Magic Online, so I still have a life." Nicolai Herzog: "Barely, vaguely."

"What's the best color combination to draft in Onslaught?"

Dirk Baberowski: "Blue/Red or Black/Green." Dave Williams: "Blue/Red." Ed Fear: "Blue/Red."

"What do you think of Booster versus Rochester Draft?"

Bob Maher: "Just recently, I changed my mind to Rochester draft, after I finally understood the format." Ben Seck: "I prefer Rochester draft. You have perfect information, so you can take in everything." Nicolai Herzog: "Booster draft is definitely better. There are just too many politics involved in Rochester draft."

"What card do you hope gets reprinted in 8th Edition?"

William Jensen: "Disrupt." Tsuyoshi Fujita: "I like Bird Maiden, but for playing I hope Winter Orb." Ben Seck: "Mana Vault."

"Who is going to be a surprise top eight competitor this weekend?"

Dave Williams: "Jon Finkel." Victor van den Broek: "Alexander Witt." Kai Budde: "Someone random."

"Who is the hottest limited player in the world right now?"

Nicolai Herzog: "Nicolas Labarre." Bob Maher: "Nick Eisel. But I don't want to say Nick Eisel so I'll say me instead. Or Donnie Gallitz." Nick Eisel: "I guess me."

"If you could have a theme song at the feature match area, what would it be?"

Victor van den Broek: "Eye of the Tiger." Jon Becker: "It's Raining Men, in honor of Gerard Fabiano." Kai Budde: "The Unknown Stuntman, the theme song to The Fall Guy starring Lee Majors."

"What do you think of the new Magic card design?"

William Jensen: "I'd like to see it in black border." Bob Maher: "I think it's a good idea. My dad is excited, because he has a hard time reading the cards and the bigger numbers make it easier for him." Ed Fear: "They're a good compromise of marketing and playability. R&D and marketing did a good job."

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