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Posted in Event Coverage on February 22, 2003

By Sideboard Staff

Can you draft a good non-red, non-black deck after Legions?

Osyp Lebedowicz:
Yes, blue and white are both better, and there are fewer Sparksmiths.

Dave Williams:
A good deck? No.

Gary Wise:
I always said you could, and Legions makes it easier.

Who will surprise the world by Top 8'ing this Grand Prix?

Alex Shvartsman:
Andy Stokinger

Bob Maher:
David Bachmann

William Jensen:
Eric James

What is the strongest color combination in draft, post-Legions?

Still Red-Blue. All the colors are good in Legions, so the status quo is the same.

Zvi Mowshowitz:
Black-White. White is underappreciated, and black has the best removal.

Matt Vienneau:
No idea, I've never drafted it. If it's not on Magic Online, I don't play it.

What's more important in Sealed Deck, consistency or power?

Bob Maher:
It depends on how many rounds there are. Today, it's power.

Brian Kibler:
Consistency. With nine rounds, if you only rely on your bombs, you won't win.

It's irrelevant. Just play all your Provoke creatures and you'll do fine.

Who is the strongest player here without three byes?

Gary Wise: Ryan Fuller

Alex Shvartsman: Matt Vienneau

Dave Williams: Me, obviously.

Is Sealed Deck better after the inclusion of Legions?

Zvi: No, there aren't enough non-creature spells. The games go too long.

Gary Wise: No, with Legions, the turn three land drop is more important than ever.

Darwin Kastle: Yes, the bigger the card pool, the better.

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