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Posted in Event Coverage on June 28, 2003

By Mary Van Tyne

"Star Wars, The Matrix, or Lord of the Rings?"

Danielle Mansur: "Lord of the Rings." Alex Pierce: "The Matrix." Mike Linn: "Magic Online."

"What’s your favorite card that’s coming back in 8th Edition?"

Richard Guevara: "Underworld Dreams." Ian Heinig: "Obliterate." Duncan Moskowitz: "Birds of Paradise."

"What’s the best deck in Standard right now?"

Tanner Verhey: "U/G Madness." Dan D'Argenio: "Mirari’s Wake, but Tight Sight is funny!" Andrew Jaquith: "I don’t think that there is one."

"Where did you learn how to play?"

Andrew Shrout: "I learned how to play online." Mike Linn: "I learned in my living room with my brother." Michael Franklin: "I started out playing Pokemon, but the cards were too expensive, and so I bought Magic cards one day instead. My uncle knew how to play and he taught me, and then I taught my dad."

"How did you get here (flying, driving, what) and with whom?"

Andrew Jaquith: "I’m from Hardwick, Mass. and I flew here with both my parents." Matt Dooley: "I flew from Roseburg, Oregon, and my mom’s here." Ian Heinig: "I drove from Colorado – my parents are around here somewhere."

"Who’s your favorite Pro Tour player?"

Duncan Moskowitz: "Kai Budde, because he’s the only one I know." Alex Pierce: "Jon Finkel – he’s good, I guess." Dan D'Argenio: "What’s his name – Kibler? He watches Adult Swim."

"How long have you been playing Magic?"

Andrew Shrout: "About four years now." Danielle Mansur: "Five years." Richard Guevara: "About two years."

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