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Posted in Event Coverage on August 7, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

"What was your favorite movie this summer?"

Masashi Ooiso: "I didn’t have time to see movies, I was too busy playing Magic." Tomi Walamies: "I watched The Sound of Music again, so I’ll say that." Matt Place: "I definitely didn’t like 28 Days Later."

"What’s the best color combination to draft in Onslaught Block?"

Bob Maher: "White or Black with blue." Matt Place: "Blue-White." Kai Budde: "White and something, splashing for five or six cards."

"What is your favorite thing about Germany?"

Ben Seck: "Cheap Beer!" John Larkin: "Sausages!" Carlos Eduardo Romao: "Girls!"

"Which country will win Worlds?"

Masashi Ooiso: "Japan." Nicolai Herzog: "Finland." Brian Kibler: "The United States."

"Which team is better, CMU/TOGIT or Your Move Games?"

Tsuyoshi Ikeda: "CMU/TOGIT." Kai Budde: "Your Move Games." Tomi Walamies: "It’s kind of hard to say. It’s like young punks versus the insanely old."

"Aside from Kai Budde and Jon Finkel, who is the best player in the world?"

Gary Wise: "It’s a close call between Bob Maher and Dirk Baberowski." Bob Maher: "William Jensen." Dirk Baberowski: "William Jensen."

"Now that you’ve physically seen Eighth Edition cards, what do you think about the new card face?"

Brian Kibler: "It’s weird seeing old cards next to new cards, but I think the new card face looks better." Masashi Ooiso: "They’re easier to understand, which is good." Mike Turian: "It’s pretty good, but it’ll look better in black border."

"Where do you see Magic ten years from now?"

Patrick Mello: "It’s hard to imagine. A lot can happen in ten years." Dirk Baberowski: "Bigger than it is now." Ben Seck: "It’ll still be around, and I’ll still be here."

"Do you have any thoughts on what to draft in Eighth Edition?"

Zvi Mowshowitz: "I’ll tell you in two weeks." Nicolai Herzog: "Three or four color green. You get Fertile Ground and Rampant Growth and splash the good cards." Gary Wise: "Red seems pretty strong, but I haven’t studied it much."

"Which card that rotated out will you miss the most?"

Tomi Walamies: "Corrupt" Masashi Ooiso: "Early Harvest" Carlos Romao: "Mana Short"

"Which new card in Eighth Edition were you happy to see come back?"

Zvi Mowshowitz: "Concentrate" Mike Turian: "Plow Under" Justin Gary: "Zur’s Weirding"

"Who is going to win Worlds?"

Patrick Mello: "Kai. Again." Kai Budde: "Gabriel Nassif." Justin Gary: "I am."

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