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Posted in Event Coverage on August 21, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

In the 10 years since Magic was introduced, about 8,500 cards have been published. Of those, which is your favorite, and why?

Richard Garfield: "Wyluli Wolf. ”Wyluli” is an anagram for my then-fiancé's name (Lily Wu)." Randy Buehler: "Necropotence, of course. I can count at least 25,000 reasons why it's my favorite." Ken'ichi Fujita: "Everyone should know by now what my favorite is—Duress."

What deck or card have you played against this weekend that you weren't expecting to see?

Masashi Ooiso: "I've only played against White-Red decks so far. What really surprised me is that Goblin Sharpshooter is a lot better than we thought it was in playtesting." Kazuya Hirabayashi: "I've actually surprised myself. I have no idea why I ended up playing a GRB deck." Kouichirou Maki: "I never thought I would see Ark of Blight in Constructed, much less lose a game to it."

What card was your MVP today? (asked of the Day 1 undefeated players)

Lee Jun-Young: "Jareth, Leonine Titan." Eiji Nomura: "I played a lot of red decks, and the Exalted Angel in my sideboard saved me lots of times." Osamu Fujita: "Temple of the False God and Eternal Dragon, because they smoothed out my mana."

This is the first major Onslaught Block Constructed event to use Scourge. Which card from that set do you think will have the greatest impact on OnBC?

Tsuyoshi Fujita: "Well, everyone knows that Eternal Dragon is strong. But I actually think that Temple of the False God is going to have the biggest impact on the environment." Masashiro Kuroda: "Eternal Dragon." Akira Asahara: "Probably Eternal Dragon, but you can't ignore Siege-Gang Commander either."

This year is the 10th Anniversary of Magic. A lot of things have happened during the last decade as the game has grown. What is your most significant Magic memory?

Katsuhiro Mori: "I don't know. I'm starting over from scratch." Jin Okamoto: "Being this year's Worlds Finalist." Itaru Ishida: "I've done a lot of things, but what stands out most for me is winning Itaru Ishida: "I've done a lot of things, but what stands out most for me is winning Grand Prix Kobe."Grand Prix Kobe."

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