Quick Questions #1

Posted in Event Coverage on November 29, 2014

By Marc Calderaro

What Card Do You Want to Play with that is Yet to Have a Deck?

Standard is truly blossoming. As Brian Kibler said, "there's a new deck every week." And it's true. Though we're yet to know what that deck will be out of this tournament, I asked the players what card deserves more spotlight. What card should be played with more. This could give some insight as to what this Standard brewer's paradise has in store for us this weekend.

Grand Prix Salt Lake City winner, Brandon NelsonAshcloud Phoenix. It's resilient to removal; it's great with cards with ferocious, like Crater's Claws and Stubborn Denial; it's good enough to be a four-of.
Pro Tour Hall of Fame member, Brian Kibler – I just play with all the cards I want to play with.




Pro Tour Honolulu Top 8 finisher, Tom "The Boss" Ross Prophetic Flamespeaker. It really needs a card to precede it to be good. I feel the same way about Eidolon of Countless Battles. Maybe there are just too many Lightning Strikes going around; I'm not sure.
World Magic Cup Mexico Team Captain, Marcelino Freeman – There's already a deck for it, but Herald of Torment. Last season, Mono-Black Aggro was a good deck, and it's not anymore. I think it can be better, depending on the meta. 3/3 flyers for three mana don't happen very often.






Seven-time Grand Prix Top 8 finisher, Paul "Empty the" Cheon – Garruk. Apex. Predator. It a field full of Abzan, it just trumps all the other planeswalkers.
Grand Prix Phoenix winner & Texas Magic Representative, Roberto Berni Villainous Wealth. I played it at Grand Prix LA. I went 8-1 the first day, but it fell apart after that. It's super inconsistent and the mana's bad, but I thought at one point that was the most powerful card in the format.








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