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Posted in Event Coverage on August 20, 2011

By Josh Bennett

Is there a card in M12 draft that is undervalued, but has come up big for you?

Jonathan Smithers GP Toronto 2010 Champ Richard Hoaen, T8 PT Yokohama Jay Elarar, 2009 and 2010 Canadian National Champ
"It's not undervalued, but I take Unsummon even higher than most. I'll take it over Wring Flesh." "The Auramancer. Especially in White-Green Auramancy." "Blood Seeker, especially when my opponent has Pentavus."
Marcel Zafra, 17th PT Austin Pascal Maynard, 3rd 2010 Canadian Nationals Dan Lanthier, 2008 Canadian National Champion
"Hideous Visage, it's like the smallest Overrun." "Phantasmal Bear. That card is the NUTS." "Griffin Rider. It usually tables and is a huge beating."

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