Quick Questions: Round 12

Posted in Event Coverage on July 23, 2011

By Ray “blisterguy” Walkinshaw

What’s the best deck in standard right now?

Wilfy Horig Aaron Nicoll Vidya Jois
“It’s a good question, what is the best deck in standard? Vampires is strong, and consistent. I mean, I beat three Tempered Steel decks in a row with it (laughs).” “RUG Twin. It has a generally good combo, and has a good plan against every deck.” “I really like Mono Red. Most decks have strong match-ups and weak match-ups, but Mono Red doesn’t really have any bad game one matches, and it’s powerful enough to sideboard for most decks. The poor match-ups are Splinter Twin and Blue/White Control, and most Blue/White Control decks have become the new CawBlade lists, which is a fine match-up.”
Adam Witton Dan Unwin Hugh Glanville
“Tempered Steel. It’s fast, and some decks just can’t beat it.” “I don’t think there’s a best deck. Tempered Steel is the most powerful, and Valakut is the most consistent. It’s a Paper, Scissors, Rock format, really.” “Tempered Steel, because it’s fast.”

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