Regionals Advice from the Pros

Posted in Event Coverage on May 2, 2003

By Toby Wachter

With Regionals coming up next weekend, some players may be confused as to what to expect, and what to play. There’s plenty of information on the internet about the metagame, and each specific area may have its own trends. So how should you prepare, what should you expect, and what deck should you play? I went around and asked some Pro Tour players to provide some advice.

Zvi Mowshowitz- “Make sure to test, make sure to practice. Don’t do what we did today and walk in without having played a game with your deck. That would be bad. I think the format is pretty open. You can pretty much play any decent deck that you want. Remember, it’s going to be a long day, so don’t play anything you’re going to hate. A large portion of the people will be reading this, and will be reading things that go up on StarCity and Brainburst, so you want to be aware of the fact that the metagame is going to shift. But, I also think that the majority of people who play at Regionals are not that up on what’s going on, and will not have access to anything that happened in the last week. A lot of players will not switch decks based on something this late.”

Matt Rubin- “I’d say play the most consistent deck, play a deck you’re comfortable with. I recommend blue/green, because I think it’s the most consistent deck in the format. I’d run Merfolk Looters, since I think you want at least eleven madness outlets. I don’t like the decks with eight.”

Alex Shvartsman- “My best advice is take a deck that you really know well…like, there’s no best deck in the field. Take the deck that you can play extremely well. That’s your best chance. I think it’s going to be pretty widespread. You can’t really predict the metagame for this year because there are too many viable decks. You just arm yourself the best you can, which means you play the deck you know the best. That’s literally the best you can do.”

Rob Dougherty- “I would suggest to play your style. Or…play a really cool deck that generates infinite insects and infinite bears, can gain infinite life and draw its entire deck! One of those two would really be the way to go.”

Justin Gary- “It is a wide open field, so playing a deck that you’re comfortable with and have a lot of practice with is good. Also, drawing some reasonable combination of lands and spells. I learned that today through a lot of tough competition. I definitely lost, and lost a lot, but there were some times when I didn’t draw lands in spells in a reasonable combination, and inevitably, those games were lost. I also lost a few that I probably could have won! I think red/green and blue/green are going to be the top decks by far. You really need to be able to deal with them. I expect the Regionals metagame to have slightly less ‘Tog than I think should be there given its quality. There will be a lot of other random things, but basically don’t go to Regionals with a deck that doesn’t beat red/green and blue/green.”

Tom Guevin- “This is basically a format revolving around, I think, two main cards: Wild Mongrel and to a lesser extent Psychatog. But it seems that green has taken over. Phantom Centaurs are everywhere, Calls are everywhere, Mongrels are everywhere, just like last year. So, if it were me at Regionals, I wouldn’t be caught dead without either Mutilate or Wrath of God in my deck. That’s just my opinion.”

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